Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Green Arrow #19

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Eleanor Carlini 

A Reunion...

The issue starts right we left off with Arsenal reuniting with Green Arrow and not being too thrilled about it. He blames Green Arrow for the pipeline being built through the Navajo Reservation (where he was raised) as well as the violent attacks that are now occurring. Green Arrow tries to explain that things are different and he's changed. But they need to put their differences aside for the time being and kick some Wild Dog Militia butt. We later find out this Militia was hired by Queen Industries.

There are some great action shots during this part. Lots of arrows flying and faces being crushed with boots, great stuff. Love it. Eleanor Carlini does a really good job at capturing the action that's happening.

Roy's Past...

Last issue we learned that before meeting Oliver, Roy was raised on a Navajo Reservation where he apparently killed his adopted. In this issue we find out that he was blackout drunk and when he woke up, he found his father dead with one of his arrows in him. Possibly a setup?

We're also shown a flashback of when Roy was being trusted by Oliver while he was away with some girl in Vegas. When he returns he finds his place full of party goers and Roy passed out in the bedroom. Pissed off Oliver kick Roy out who unfortunately ends up turning to drugs.

Differences Aside...

Roy may be pissed at Oliver but at this point he needs all the help he can get to stop the pipeline from being constructed. The last panel is of our heroes, including Black Canary, getting ready to take on some oncoming bulldozers and it's a great panel to end the issue with.

The Confessional:

I'm really enjoying this story arc. I feel bad for Oliver though, more and more shit keeps piling up that appears to be his fault. One thing I love about Benjamin Percy's writing is that he's using a lot of classic Green Arrow elements. A little bit of politics mixed with serious issues and of course the mention of trick arrows. I'm really enjoying Eleanor Carlini’s art as well. Just enough detail and those action panels were near perfect!

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩

Brandon Reid | NCR

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