Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nightwing #17

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Javier Fernandez 

Two Robin's On a Mission...

The issue opens with Damien recalling a time when he was kidnapped by the Joker and kept inside a coffin for hours until Dick (who at the time was playing the part of Batman) could rescue him. Fast forward to the present and Damien claims that his time in that coffin was preferable to the time he's spending stuck in the Batmobile with Nightwing. Damien is still pissed that everything thinks that Dick is the rightful heir to becoming Batman, which he is. But he's Nightwing now so I personally think he has nothing to worry about. That doesn't stop him from having a little one on one with Dick to get some anger out. Dick can't think about this right now, his girlfriend and possible baby has been taken and they need to follow coordinates left behind in Dicks favorite book, Robin Hood.


The coordinates lead them to the site of Richard I’s tomb located in France and once there, they find a tomb that contains a living person. Nightwing starts to freak out thinking it's Shawn who's inside. But Damien tells him whoever is inside doesn't have a face. And out comes Deathwing! A clone of sorts who is Nightwing but completely evil. He even seems to know everything about Nightwing and even talks about when he, Deathwing, was once Batman. Creepy and weird and I love it.

A fight obviously starts and Damien ends up getting trapped in the empty tomb that Deathwing was hiding (see what they did with the foreshadowing in the beginning? Very clever!) Deathwing ends up slicing Nightwing with a black blade that must have had something on it because Nightwing starts tripping out and seeing different versions of himself and just as Deathwing is about to kill him, a clone like Robin comes to the rescue. This Robin was apparently a mistake and isn't evil and helps take down Deathwing.

Professor Pyg...

This clone Robin claims to be Damien Wayne and agrees to help them find Shawn, who was taken to his creator. Who has become enamored by her art. Nightwing can tell by the way the clones look and how they smell that their creator must be... Professor Pyg! Time to kick some Pyg ass! But that will have to wait.

The Confessional:

What's not to love? We got Nightwing and Robin on a mission and they go up against evil clones of themselves. I'm very interested to find out what all this is about since it all seems so personal. The art was well done for the most part. Some more attention to detail in the backgrounds would make it better though.

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ 8/10

Brandon Reid | NCR

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