Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Kenneth Rocafort 

Bar Fight!...

Right away this issue is great. We start with a bartender giving Red Hood the rundown of everything he's been up to and that in his bar Red is just another customer. Therefore, he's not giving up another customer, in this case Mr. Stirk, who Red Hood and Artemis are looking for. Before you know it a bar fight goes down and by bar fight I mean Artemis kicks everyone's ass. Except a random Amazonian that Artemis recognizes named Akila who just turns out to be Stirk shape shifted. Red Hood is now curious about Akila and I thought this was a great introduction to get a little Artemis back story.

Back in the Day...

Without going into too much detail here, we find out that Akila was Artemis’ best friend and that they used to try and kill each other as a form of training. This was to prepare them in case one of them is chosen as the next Shim’tar. One thing I love about this issue is when Red Hood cuts in asking questions or making comments with Artemis continuously responding with “did you want me to finish the story?” Love it!


Akila ends up disappearing without a word and while Artemis is looking for her, she falls out of some sort of portal not looking to good. Turns out even though Akila had no interest in becoming Shim’tar, she was chosen nonetheless. Not sure if it was the best decision since she nearly kills all of her people while using the Bow of Ra to protect them. This is a big no no. Even Wonder Woman shows up to stop Akila so you know its serious. Akila turns out to be crazy and wants everyone to be purified in the Flame of Ra... no thank you! She gets taken down by Artemis and Wonder Woman but unfortunately the Bow of Ra goes missing and now it's time for Red Hood and the Outlaws to find it. Excited!!

The Confessional:

I think this might be my favorite rebirth series. The storytelling is entertaining and the characters and their personalities are written perfectly. I loved reading more about Artemis’ back story since I don't know much about the character and the art once again was perfect. Kenneth Rocafort is in my top 3 rebirth artists for sure. His art makes me feel like I'm reading a comic from my childhood but even better!

Salvation: ★★★★★★★★★★ 10/10

Brandon Reid | NCR

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