Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Flash #18

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Jesus Merino, Andy Owens and Chris Sotomayor Price: $2.99

Poor Wally...

The issue starts with what looks like a flashback to Wally and Daniel West (AKA Reverse Flash AKA Wally's real father) talking about how Wally needs to study so he doesn't become like him because he's a killer. This is where he turns into Reverse Flash scaring Wally out of this nightmare. This shakes Wally up to the point where he can't even enjoy breakfast and decides to run it off and do some training.

Say What?!...

When Wally asks Flash what they'll be working on, The Flash suggests they visit Wally's father in prison. Wally hasn't done so since finding out Daniel West is his father, not his uncle. But it turns out Wally has tried visiting him, only to find he's been transferred to Belle Reve. Barry doesn't like that piece of information and decides they will pay him a visit there instead.

Trying their hardest to be sneaky, Flash and Kid Flash break into Belle Reve only to come face to face with the devil herself, Amanda Waller. Who claims there's no record of a Daniel West being transferred there. All that was going through my head at this point was “Reverse Flash joining Suicide Squad?!” but I think I might just be getting excited. He could vibrate the bomb in his neck right out, I think...

Barry doesn't think Waller is being honest so him and Kid Flash track down Captain Boomerang to ask if he knows anything. But Captain Boomerang wants their help completing a mission he was in the middle of. Can't wait for the Worst Team up Ever, it's going to be good!

The Confessional:

This was a great issue. I love what's going on with Wally and finding out Reverse Flash is his father. I'm thinking Reverse Flash will return and I have no problem with that! The art once again was really well done. Jesus Merino draws the characters perfectly and Reverse Flash in the opening panels was my favorite. The lightning surrounding him and the detail on his suit was perfect. Please bring him back!

Holy: ★★★★★★★★✩✩ 10/10 

 Brandon Reid | NCR

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