Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Titans #9

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Brett Booth
Inks: Norm Rapmund
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Corey Breen

Brave and Bold:

In this issue we have the Titans whisking Bumblebee away from the Fearsome Five and the Fearsome Five stating they have reformed. Titans have a debate about whether they've really reformed, and Roy is sharing his past with drug addiction. Wally and Dick decide to do a little detective work where they find the Fearsome Five haven't reformed. Bumblebee’s upset because the Titans may be in danger because of her. She puts back on the biosuit and flies off to help them. Next Issue: Powerless.

The Confessional:

With this new story arc in mind, I am finding myself liking it a lot more than I did with the first issue. I really want to know how Omen is going to stack up with Psimon, and being someone who didn't read the New 52 I know nothing about the Fearsome Five and Titans past battles, but I am enjoying where this arc is heading. My favorite part is Dick and Wally going all detective mode, and they call back to their first team up in Brave and the Bold #52 way back in 1964 which was fantastic. That team up is my favorite of all, forget Superman and Batman team ups, Flash and Nightwing have a long relationship together, they are best friends and any comic that has these two teaming up is a must buy for me. Then we have Bumblebee in turmoil, she is super excited for what Meta-Solutions can do for her, but because of her loyalty to Malcolm she doesn't want to go back. That is a hard decision to make, she wants to master her powers but doesn't want her husband to have to go through anything bad for that to happen… I couldn't make that decision. With the villains showing their true colors in the background and with Mammoth attacking Dick and Wally will the rest of the Titans get there in time to help them? How will Bumblebee come into play in the upcoming fight? I don't have anything negative to say about this art, by far the best art in all rebirth titles I am reading, and this issue was absolutely no different.

High Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 8/10

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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