Sunday, March 5, 2017

Top 5 Rebirth Titles (Carl Hamlin)

Most people have their top 5 lists and I have a couple, but seeing as I review D.C. comics I thought I would make a top 5 list of D.C. rebirth comics.

I am going to start with some honorable mentions: The Flash, I love this book, but with the art and the story being choppy from time to time I can't fully get into it. Red Hood and the Outlaws, now this book would have been my number 1, however that first story arc took way to long to finish, it felt like to story stalled, but I am in no way saying that the book terrible, just that with the story stalling in the first arc I'm afraid that it will be a consistent struggle for it.

5. Green Lanterns & Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp. for a Tie

The tie is simply put like this: I love the Lanterns, however both have had crappy stories as well as good ones, and it seems like they alternate which one is good. Which of course is crazy because they have two different writers on the books. I love Hal, Kyle, Guy, and John with Guy being my favorite of all, which will always keep Corp. in my top 5. With Lanterns I really like what they are doing in character development with Simon and Jessica. I do however wish both would give us consistent good stories.

4. Aquaman

The best thing I can say about Aquaman is that it is consistently good, never bad, never great, just good. With the way that Rebirth has been going this makes the book special, every other title has had great stories as well as bad stories. Aquaman could continue like this and keep me very happy, with interesting storylines and character development, yet still not having any wow moments.

3. Titans

This book has the best art team of all of Rebirth, which gives you a lot of good things to look at. Which can easily distract you from some bad stories in issues and enhance some of the great issues. This team book is the best adult team book in all of D.C. sorry Justice League, the Titans are better...

2. New Superman

Believe it or not, before Rebirth I wouldn't have touched a Superman book and man have I been surprised. While I also really love the main Superman stories in Superman and Action Comics, the New Superman book is a sleeper. The story is entertaining; the artwork is fantastic… it is just an all around good time. Had this book have had more issues out all at the same caliber this would be my number one...

And 1. Batman

Growing up, for D.C., you always had die hard Batman fans or Superman fans. I was a Batman fan and while I considered Detective for the top spot I have enjoyed 90% of all of the main Batman title and if you don't include the monster men crossover it would be 98%. Tom King can make you think one way and deliver you something different and be like, crap I would have never seen that coming.

That's my list, and for anyone who may just be getting into the rebirth stuff, or back into comics, you'll gravitate towards what you love, but I will urge anyone to try out New Superman for a good fun read and Titans if you want a decent read and fantastic art. But you don't have to take my word for it, if you want to post your top 5 titles below, tell me why one of the titles should be somewhere else or whatever post a comment and let's talk about what we all love.

Carl Hamlin | NCR

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