Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Action Comics #978 ***SPOILER - Review

Story: Dan Jurgens
Pencils: Carlo Barberi
Inks: Matt Santorelli
Colors: Hi-Fi

Blast from the past …

Superman continues his recap of his past in the Fortress of Solitude and we get a recap of all the important events in his life. The day Lois Lane met Superman. The day he died fighting Doomsday. The day Jon was born. The day he decided to lay low in Hamilton County and started to focus on keeping his family safe. All of this comes across pretty decently, albeit a little bit confusingly. And it’s difficult to keep all these events straight, because they were happening in two different timelines. 

Juggling Timelines

Dan Jurgens came into this story arc with the odds stacked against him. It’s Jurgens’ job to make two story arcs come together into one and be understandable for readers. All that being said, I think he’s doing an A+ job doing it. I still don’t fully understand what happened between Superman Dying and Jonathin being born. Jurgens never really addressed the events between those two events. But I don’t know if it’s necessarily important, all that’s important is that these two timelines now exist in one timeline. 

We’re not alone here…

All throughout this narrative, Superman keeps hearing the voice of Mr. Oz. And this voice is constantly telling us what we already know. Superman is meddling in affairs that he doesn’t fully understand. He’s messing around with a power that is much larger than him. Bla bla bla. All of this screams the same stuff we’ve been hearing since Rebirth started and right now, I am just ready for some real answers. 

Oh, and there’s villians too

Also, in the last issue we found out that some bad guy was assembling a team of bad guys to come up against Supes. In this issue, we find out that bad guy is Henshaw, who I am assuming is Hank Henshaw. His newest recruit in this issue is The Eradicator (I knew we hadn’t seen the last of him). So that’ll likely be the next conflict we encounter in Action Comics. 

Sum it up! 

In this issue, we explore more about Superman and the merging of two separate timelines. All of this should be way more confusing than it actually is, but Dan Jurgens is a great writer and manages to make it somewhat understandable. The introduction of Henshaw and The Eradicator make for a increasingly interesting conflict. And the art in Action Comics is always something to be admired.


Ben DuPey | NCR

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