Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Batgirl #10****SPOILER Review

Story: Hope Larson
Pencils & Cover: Chris Wildgoose
Inks: Jon Lam
Colors: Mat Lopes

Drama, drama, drama

Batgirl and Penguin are playing a game of ping-pong while Penguin tells her all about how much he hates his son. Meanwhile, there’s been some fights happening over at the Iceberg Lounge and Babs thinks that Ethan is somehow responsible. So Babs decides to break up with Ethan the next day, but he beats her to it and breaks up with her. Via an intern. Sick break-up burn, Ethan! Babs is a little pissed off at him for breaking up with her this way, so she goes with Greyson to talk things out a little bit. 

Hacking and brunching

Ethan somehow sees this by hacking bystanders cell phone cameras and the next day he rams a car into a restaurant that Barbara and her friends are eating at. Batgirl is way too smart for this, so she suits up and gets ready to confront Ethan. At the end of the issue, we find out that Ethan is now operating under the name Blacksun and he’s taking control of his father’s company.

Sum it up! 

While this issue was a fun trip for Batgirl, I did have a couple of gripes. We did jump around from place to place which kind of created a choppy narative at times. Babs expressions and dialogue can be a little hokey at times, but that’s mostly endearing for a Batgirl book. I don’t really understand why Batgirl would just be playing ping-pong with Cobblepot at the beginning of the issue, that part seemed kind of off to me. Overall, I say it was a fun issue with a few minor gripes.


Ben DuPey | NCR

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