Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Batman #20

Writer: Tom King Pencils: David Finch Inks: Danny Miki & Trevor Scott Colors: Jordie Bellaire Price: $2.99 

This is the End, Batman… 

I was really looking forward to this issue but after reading it I was a little disappointed and confused. The issue starts right where the last one ended with Bane coming face to face with Batman and looking a little worse for wear. Bane does look badass. All torn up and bloody and pissed off! He's ready to end this. I Need You to Know Something... As Bane starts beating Batman, Batman starts to think back to his first encounter with Gotham and Gotham Girl and how they helped him believe that Gotham City could actually be saved. Until Gotham (the hero) turns on him. This is being narrated by an unknown voice who I at first thought was Batman, then Bane, then I was confused. Bane at this point is still taunting Batman while continuously beating him. He tells Batman that he plans on going after everyone Batman loves once he's finished with him. Bane is so badass here. We get more flashbacks of everything else that's led up to this point including Batman putting his own Suicide Squad together to get Psycho Pirate from Santa Prisca. At this point it seems like the narrator is talking to Batman and we find out its his mother. This is what got me confused. Was Batman on the verge of dying and this is him seeing his family at the end of the tunnel? Maybe he's just reassuring himself in a weird way to try and survive? Not too sure to be honest. I am Batman… My favorite part of the entire issue is right near the end where with every hit Bane lays on Batman, he says something like “Don't you know who I am by now?” until finally saying “I am Bane” right in Batman's bleeding face. To which Batman replies with “Yeah, yeah you're Bane. But I think you forgot…” BAM Batman headbutt “I am Batman.” I do wish Batman went a little crazier to take Bane down but damn that was an awesome panel. You can see Bane's face getting completely crushed. The issue ends with Bruce speaking with his mother in the present about how none of this has to do with war or victory or dying on that plane. Meaning his first encounter with Gotham and Gotham Girl but… I'm even more confused about this dying on the plane. Am I missing something? 

The Confessional:

 There were aspects of this issue that I really enjoyed like the art was really well done once again, the fight between Bane and Batman was good for the most part and of course, Bane. He's so badass in these issues. Then there's the confusing narration by Bruce's dead mother. I feel like I missed something with that aspect. Maybe it will be explained next issue. But all in all I was kind of disappointed. As awesome as the headbutt was, is that really all it would take to take Bane down? Is it because Bane just fought his way through Arkham and is drained? Maybe. But still. A little more would have been nice. 

Purgatory: ✭✭✭✩✩✩✩✩✩✩   3/10 

Brandon Reid | NCR

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