Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Batman # 21***SPOILER - Review

Story: Tom King
Art: Jason Fabok

It’s been a long road, and it’s well worth the wait!

So we open up with Saturn Girl in Arkham Asylum watching a hockey game screaming about how someone is going to die. This quickly leads us into the rest of the book, with the hockey game being used as a framing device to walk us through the story. 

Bats is in the Batcave, the hockey game is on in the background as he examines The Comedian’s smiley face button. He drops the button and it touches Dr Fate’s mask and, for a split second, Bruce sees his father from Flashpoint. But Thomas Wayne is quickly replaced with Reverse Flash. Batman calls Barry Allen, who tells him it will be 1 minute for him to get to Bruce’s location.

In this minute, Reverse Flash and Batman fight and, just as Reverse Flash is about to kill Batman he touches the smiley face button, is zapped somewhere, and zapped back to the Batcave in a bloody mess. His last words before dying are “I saw God," just as Barry Allen shows up, he sees Bruce and Reverse Flash’s dead body laying on the ground of the Batcave.

I ask again, was it worth the wait?

You bet your ass it was! We didn’t really get a ton of answers in this book, all we know is that Reverse Flash was transported somewhere, saw what he believes to be God, and was killed. But the way that Tom King wrote this book is what made it pay off in such a big way. He used the hockey game and the 1 minute timer to mark the amount of time till Barry showed up as a framing device to tell us a story that worked so well. 

And the art?

So great. DC definitely put their top hitters on this book and it shows in every page of beautifully drawn panels. Batman looked great. Barry Allen looked great. Reverse Flash looked great. Everyone looked freaking great.


This book is damn well worth your money. Buy the book. Buy the variant. Buy one of those stupid lenticular covers (I know I will!). If you’re interested in DC Rebirth at all, this book is DEFINITELY worth your time. It is the first real continuation that we’ve seen since DC Universe Rebirth #1. 

9/10 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✩

Ben DuPey | NCR

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