Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cyborg #11

Writer: John Semper Jr
Pencils: Will Conrad & Tom Derenick
Inks: Will Conrad & Tony Kordos
Colorists: Ivan Nunes & Guy Major
Price: $3.99 

Boomtube Roulette… 

Well it seems as though Cyborg is in a bit of a tight situation as he is being scratched to death by a insane amount of rats. Cyborg knows he can't kill them all in time so decides to open and fall through a boom tube. Only problem is he can't exactly control them at this point and he gets sent to random places. This time it's space and the next time is a weird Minecraft looking world that's all 8-bit. I thought this was a l9t of fun and the art deserves a round of applause. Drawing things in 8-bit (as 8-bit?) can't be easy and it's near perfect here. H8-Bit… At first Cyborg has no idea what this place is. He's not sure if it's an alternate dimensions or if he's trapped inside his own head but after a few minutes he remembers a time when him and his friend Keiji had made a video game and this place looks just like it. But how? Oh hello Keiji. Turns out he goes by the name H8-Bit now and this is his world. Kind of reminded me of a villain The Flash would go up against and I like it. H8-Bit Hates Cyborg… Turns out H8-Bit doesn't consider Cyborg a friend anymore. Poor Cyborg can’t think of why due to suppressed memories but H8-Bit reminds him that when they made their
video game, Cyborg had stolen passwords to get into S.T.A.R.R Labs computers (thanks to his father of course) and posted the game on every screen there. Keiji later took the passwords to break in, stole things he shouldn't have, sold them on the black market and got caught. While imprisoned, he found an old 8-bit Gameboy and got so good he created this dimension. Pretty classic villain origin. In the end it wasn't actually Cyborgs fault! Finally Cyborg finds a way to destroy this dimension but in doing so kills H8-Bit. I thought this part was a nice little twist. H8-Bit was actually a digital version of himself left behind after Keiji was beaten to death by his fellow juvees. Cyborg is just kind of left standing in pure darkness and realizes the boomtubes/alien tech is more deeper than it seems.

The Confessional: 

This was quite a fun yet sad issue. I enjoyed the 8-bit dimension and even H8-Bit even though he was a little cheesy. But he had a classic origin and a damn sad death, both his human self and his digital copy. The art was really well done. Loved the way all the 8-bit creatures looked. They were even kind of fuzzy like they would be on a TV screen. Loved it.

Holy: ★★★★★★★✩✩✩   7/10

Brandon Reid | NCR

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