Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Green Arrow #20

Writer: Benjamin Percy Art: Eleonora Carlini & Mirka Andolfo Colours: Arif Prianto 

Price: $2.99 

That's Our Cue… 

The story continues! Roy and Ollie are heading into battle against the Wild Dogs riding undercover in a bulldozer. We get some great banter between Roy and Ollie. Then Black Canary does her Canary call which is their cue to start kicking some ass. Or shoot some arrows into them. Or both. There are some great action panels here with great art. Seattle, Then… In this issue a few questions are answered and one is why Roy is so mad at Oliver. When Roy became an addict Oliver tossed him aside and didn't offer any help, even when Roy tried asking for it. Deep stuff. And because Oliver tossed Roy aside, Count Vertigo seized the opportunity to use Roy to help him expand his drug into some sort of virus. This would be spread by cell phones. A little bit much to be honest, I didn't really understand it. But Green Arrow intervenes taking down Vertigo with a trick arrow that Roy created and offering Roy help. He wants none of it and is off to be his own hero. The Rez, Now and Then… In the present, Roy goes after the Sheriff that's been helping Queen Industries and after catching and confronting him, Roy starts to remember what happened to Big Bow. Roy robbed a liquor store and got caught. When the Sheriff wanted to send Roy to juvee, Big Bow declined and ended up getting killed with an arrow. Roy woke up after blacking out to find Big Bow dead and thinking he did it. Love it. Roy wants to kill the Sheriff but of course he doesn't. Now that he's been caught, they can connect him to Queen Industries and the Wild Dogs. The issue ends with Roy asking Ollie how he can help him out. Great ending. See what they did there? 

The Confessional: 

Loved this story arc. It's great to have Arsenal back with Green Arrow and I really enjoyed his intense backstory. I thought the back stories were well written and everything was wrapped up in a nice little package. The art was fantastic as well. The first panel where Vertigo is drugging Roy and it goes all trippy, loved it. The art style was change or the way it was coloured just in that panel was great. 

 Salvation : ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭  10/10 

Brandon Reid | NCR

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