Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green Arrow #21***SPOILER Review

Story: Benjamin Percy
Art: Juan Ferrerya

The Magnificent … Four?

Throughout this story, we get presented with a lot of stuff. We watch four baddies slowly work their way to Mr. Broderick, who is running something called The Ninth Circle. This is some kind of plan he has to murder Seattle, and the four bad guys (and gals) are his way of getting it done. 

As we’re watching all of these baddies come together, we’re also watching Oliver Queen visit his father’s grave. Of course, there is a trap door embedded into his fathers grave that takes Oliver down to a secret hideout. In this hideout, Oliver finds guns, old war metals, and what looks like some kind of super hero (or villian?) costume. 

Does simultaneous story telling work?

Sometimes it works to tell two stories at once, if the stories relate to each other. In this issue, I found myself reading Oliver’s half of the story and then going back to read the other part with the 4 villains teaming up. Reading everything front to back at the same time became a little bit difficult to follow.

Full Circle

I am totally happy to see Benjamin Percy bringing things back to the storyline with The Ninth Circle that he started near the beginning of DC Universe Rebirth. It’s nice to see some synergy and know that we’re finally going to be getting some payoff with Oliver Queen being an outlaw in Star City. 

So is it worth your money? 

I would say that Benjamin Percy’s Green Arrow story is probably one of the better things that DC Rebirth has to offer. It has sometimes been up and down for me, I was not the biggest fan of the Trans-Pacific Railway story arc. But overall, Percy has made me care about a character that I really didn’t care much about before his story arc started. 

For this issue, I will say that’s it’s a great jumping on point for new readers. Percy does a good job of summing everything up that happened previously, much thanks for that from this forgetful reader. Overall, I recommend it for the person who is really into the CW TV Show universe. I think that this series tells better stories than all of the shows on that network combined. 


-Ben DuPey | NCR

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