Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green Lanterns #21***SPOILER Review

Story: Sam Humphries
Art: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriquez, & Alex Sollazzo

Off to kind of a depressing start here … 

Despite Simon and Jessica’s best efforts, Dr. Polaris’ brother has died and Dr. Polaris is out for blood! He decides to use his metal moving abilities to grab the Justice League Watchtower from out of space the throw is towards the Earth. Cyborg is calling Mayday for the Justice League to come and help, but for some reason Simon and Jessica are the only two people that can answer the call. So they get to work. 

We see they slowly go up and up in willpower as they try to save the city from this giant metal space station crashing into it. In the end, they succeed and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, except Dr. Polaris, who determined that Simon and Jessica are responsible for his brothers death. And at the very end of the issue, John Stewart summons Simon and Jessica up to the planet Mogo to have a meeting with the Green Lantern Corp. 

Who’s the villain? 

Seriously, I’m trying to keep up here. I’m not saying I don’t love Sam Humphries work on The Green Lanterns, because normally I do. But we’re kind of all over the place with the villains here. First, there was the Red Lanterns, who got stashed away for a rainy day (I’m assuming). Then, we got Volthoom, who got planted into Rami’s body. Then, before we got to really explore the Volthoom and Rami thing, we got Dr. Polaris. And now, just as things are about to come to a head with Dr. Polaris, Simon and Jessica get transported off of earth into another galaxy! I’m not trying to complain here, I’m really not. But I just want to see some followthrough with the villains that I’ve become attached to. 

It’s mostly good though

The reason I’m even upset about bouncing around villains in the first place is because Sam Humphries knows how to make me care about characters. He did a great job with Volthoom, Frank Laminski, and even Dr. Polaris. He dedicated certain issues solely to making me care about these character, and I thank him for it.

Is it worth your money? 

Overall, I say yes. Humphries knows how to tell a story, even if he does take the scenic route in ending it. Do yourself a favor and go back to the very beginning of DC Universe Rebirth on this one though. There’s a lot of back story and it definitely deserves to be read. 

This issue had great art, a pretty good story, and is definitely worth the $2.99 that you’ll pay for it. Especially if you’re into the Green Lanterns. 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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