Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Suicide Squad #16 ***SPOILER - Review

Story: Rob Williams
Pencils: Tony S Daniel
Inks: Sandu Florea
Colors: Tomeu Morey

Heros and Villians…

And this story couldn’t be more impeccably named. We’re finally getting the tip of the iceberg on Lex Luthor’s antihero tendencies. In this story, the Suicide Squad breaks into Lex Luthor’s facility to try and steal something while Amanda Waller keeps Lex busy.  We get a lot of Suicide Squad hyjinx while they’re trying to break into Lex Luthor’s facility. Like when they all teleport into his facility, but for some reason Captain Boomerang’s arm doesn’t come with him. So the entire issue he’s complaining about not having 2 arms. 

Back up on top of Lex Luthor’s building, Amanda Waller and Lex are talking and Lex tries to give Amanda a gift. Amanda doesn’t accept, and the two go back and forth the rest of the issue. In the end, Lex gets alerted that the Suicide Squad is trying to break into his facility, super-suits up, and flies down there to tell them what’s what. We find out the Suicide Squad is trying to get their hands on Kryptonite and Lex reveals to Amanda that he knows what they’re trying to find. In fact, that gift that he tried to give her at the beginning of the issue was the thing they were looking for! 

The Big Reveal

But why does Amanda Waller want Kryptonite so badly?? Well, in the last story arc the Suicide Squad captured General Zod. And so now Amanda is planning on sticking a Kryptonite bomb into the back of Zod’s head and making him be a part of Task-Force X! And Lex is on board with this plan, but we don’t really know why. (I’m gonna go ahead and guess it’s because he’s evil!)

Sum it up! 

So I haven’t been reading Suicide Squad consistently up until this point. And I absolutely loved this issue. There was a lot of fun hijinks with the Suicide Squad that provided some comedic relief. We got Lex Luthor showing his true colors, which was really nice. And the big reveal was amazing and made me excited for future issues. I’m definitely hanging out with Task-Force X for a little while to see what happens! 

7.5 / 10

Ben DuPey | NCR

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