Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Supergirl #8

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Matais Bergara

Buckle in, It’s a Long Ride

Whew! A lot of information and set ups are in this issue of Supergirl. First the Super cousins are reunited to face Emerald Empress, and reconnect with each other. Superman tells Supergirl everything that’s happened to him because of Mxyzptlk. He then warns of an imminent danger heading their way, and he might need help in facing it. Then, at the very end we get some trouble at Catco, and who else is in the midst? Batgirl!

Family Ties

It was cute to see Kara interact with her distant family. You get to see her relaxed and just be a young girl when she is around Superman. Orlando throws in some funny dialogue to reference the last time the Super family were together. There is a new artist on the scene; despite loving this book the art really threw me off. It’s not bad, but it has this almost Archie feel to it. I’ve just become really accustomed to this book’s style that it may take me a while to get on board this new artist’s approach.

The Bigger Picture

So we have a couple of thoughts to take away from this issue. Last time we saw Emerald Empress; her eyeball was giving her some trouble. Empress left a fight in order to ‘search’ for someone. So I find it very interesting that she ended up in National City. Even though we don’t have the details, we get a sense of a larger scheme slowly coming into play. Also, since Batman, this is the first time a hero has acknowledged what us as readers already know; something big is coming and it won’t be like anything the heroes have seen before. So it was really cool to see this ‘prepare for war’ feeling in a Supergirl book. Not only do we have a Superman tie-in, we get a glimpse of a Batgirl story to come. If you read Batgirl annual, you already know that a team up was coming. Surprisingly the title is Supergirl vs. Batgirl…so team up might not be the word to use. Either way I’m very excited to see some more hero on hero interactions.

So What?

I think it’s easy for people to brush off Supergirl, because she may not be as dynamic as some of the other characters. Steve Orlando is doing a fantastic job in changing this. I never considered her one of my go-to characters, but now she’s the first book I read when it comes out. Going forward I think her part is going to be a lot more important than people expect.

7/10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩

Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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