Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Supergirl: Being Super #3***SPOILER Review

Story: Mario Tamaki
Art: Joelle Jones

Previously in Supergirl: Being Super:  Following a deadly earthquake that took the life of her friend, Kara has been dealing with the emotional aftermath. The loss appears to have unlocked hidden memories deep within Supergirl.

Reflections of Krypton

Still mourning the loss of her friend, Kara thinks back to her parent’s demise on Krypton and her adoptive parents finding her and providing her love, warmth, and shelter.  She recalls overhearing her adoptive father saying he hid the pod she arrived in far away.  It’s made to appear that pod may hold clues to Kara’s hidden memories.

Back to School

You wouldn’t need Supergirl’s super-hearing to overhear the whispers from her classmates in the hallways at her high school.  Kara makes it through her class with the help of her friend Dolly, despite xenophobic comments from classmates , like the earthquake was caused by “foreigners”.  It’s a deep and well written commentary on the toxicity of high schools and the hurtful words students hear every day.

Ditching Practice

Kara and Dolly ditch soccer practice to eat junk food and have a friendly heart-to-heart.  Dolly tells Kara that she knows Kara has special abilities and that no matter what she’s still her friend.  Kara dismisses her, not willing to admit out-loud the changes she is going through and the powers she is developing.

Trouble at Home

Kara’s parents text the message every teenager dreads receiving: We know you ditched class!  Call us!  Kara heads home and is surprised to find her coach waiting for her next to her parents.  Her coach, Coach Stone, won’t turn her in for skipping because of the hard time she is going through.  Kara flashes back to the first time she used her invulnerability to help her grandfather, which almost got her in trouble.  But as always, her parents love her and only want to protect her.  She promises to not skip class again.

A Call for Help

Late that night Kara is awakened by her super-hearing and someone calling for help.  Kara follows the voice to an underground bunker where she discovers Coach Stone performing an experiment on an unknown Kryptonian prisoner.  The bracelet Kara is wearing is actually a device used to weaken her, and once she breaks the band her powers go crazy and Coach Stone flees.

Kryptonian Attraction

The Kryptonian test subject is named Tan-On and there is an immediate flirtation between him and Kara, including their shared language.  Tan-On tells Kara that Coach Stone and her experiments are what caused the earthquake and that humans will only want to imprison them.  He convinces her to leave her home and go away with him.  After struggling with the idea of leaving the family the loves her, Kara packs a bag and sneaks out.  Kara goes to rendezvous with Tan-On, unaware he just used his heat vision to disintegrate an innocent person who happen upon him….

The Verdict

Supergirl: Being Super is a breath of fresh air from the typical story lines in comic books.  This is a coming of age story about a girl from a foreign place trying to fit into a culture that doesn’t want her.  The art is beautiful and consistent.  I recommend this book to everyone, but I feel it is an especially important book for young, female readers because Supergirl is a great role model and a strong woman who has emotions and must deal with loss.  While not a “teen” book, it does focus on the teenage experience which we can all relate to.


Noah O’Toole | NCR

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