Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Superman #21***SPOILER Review

Story: Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Pencils: Patrick Gleason

Neighbor Problems

In the last issue we left off with Batman going to explore the area around Clark’s farm and getting sucked into some black ooze coming out of the neighbor’s cows utter. So in this issue, Damien and Jonathan wake up to find Bruce missing. The neighbor shows up (conveniently) to deliver some of this evil milk to Jonathan. Side note - Evil Milk would be a great name for a punk rock band. 

Anyway - Clark, Jonathan, and Damien go out to search for Bruce. The farmer creates a distraction by releasing some giant octopus loose on Hamilton County, which keeps Clark and the boys busy for the majority of the issue. But we leave off with Superman going to check out Dead Man’s Swamp and what I’m assuming is Farmer Cobb’s house. 

Neighbor’s daughter problems, too

We also find out that the neighbor's daughter has powers too. She is shown holding Damien in place in mid-air with her mind, as she tells Superboy about how her and her father are holding back Superboys powers. This is a nice reveal because, since the beginning of Rebirth, I’ve had a feeling that something was kind of off about the Cobbs. 

Answers always lead to more questions

So we now know that Jon should be able to fly by now, and he hasn’t flown because the farmer is holding back his powers. But who is this farmer, really? Why is he messing with Jon’s powers? Is the farmer an alien? This series feeds us answers little by little, always presenting more questions. And it’s great, I don’t feel shorted at all on this series. I love the fact that Tomasi and Gleason keep us guessing and asking questions. The interactivity of this story is what has kept it interesting all the way into issue 21.

Sum it up! 

Overall, this series has always been one of my favorites to come out of Rebirth. They’re telling us a story about Superman and his family, what it’s like to raise a super-powered family in a small American town, and how that small town reacts to a super-powered being swooping in to save the day. I’m totally excited to learn more about Jon as he comes out of his shell, develops his other powers, and is finally able to fly. I would definitely say that this book is worth your time. 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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