Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Superman Action Comics # 977

Story: Dan Jurgens

Art: Ian Churchill

Things are back to normal. Or are they??….

Mxyplyzyk’s attack on Superman has come and gone and all is well in Superman land. Lois and Clark are both working at the daily planet, but Supes can’t shake this uneasy feeling that something is amiss. So he decides to head to his Fortress of Solitude  and figure things out. While he’s there, he asks his Kryptonian Siri to give him the run down on his entire life. This is Dan Jurgens’ way of giving readers the Superman origin story that everyone is familiar with. But with one small twist: At the end, Superman tells his Kryptonian Siri that Mxyplyzyk mentioned another person messing with their life. Supes hears a mysterious voice at the end of the issue, but isn’t able to figure out who is is.

But that’s not all!

The other part of the issue is a mysterious figure recruiting the villains Metallo and Blanque to join his ultra-super-evil-fanclub. This is surely some villain who is going to cause Supes a real headache in future issues.

Jurgens is doin’ it right.

Jurgens has built a totally tangible story out of the decades of retcons and confusing misdirects in Superman’s history. As a single issue, I did kind of walk away from this one wanting a tiny bit more. There was quite a bit of time spent telling me an origin story that I’ve seen almost as many times as I’ve seen Martha and Thomas Wayne be murdered. Those pages would have been better spent giving this mystery villain a little more exposition, but there may be a bigger picture here that I’m not aware of.

Ian Churchill knows what’s up!

The artwork harkened back to a classic golden age of Superman comics, which really suited the content in the issue. Because Dan Jurgens gave us a look back into Superman’s past, the classic style artwork worked really well. There were a cool couple of splash pages that were beautifully rendered and left me excited for future issues.

The Confessional

This book is definitely worth the $2.99 you’ll pay for it. This was definitely a down issue with a little bit more filler than I liked, but overall still a fun read. Dan Jurgens and Ian Churchill have Action Comics at the top of my pull file every two weeks. If you’ve been keeping up with the current Action Comics / Superman story, it’s definitely a must read!

8/10 ★★★★★★★★✩✩

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