Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Superwoman #9

Writer: K. Perkins
Artists: Art Thibert, Stephen Segovia


Yup, you heard right. Lana Lang is powerless. The Kryptonian armor Superman put her in to save her life only saved her human side. Lana begins to ask the question we all ask at some point, “who am I?” Superman shows up and tries to show her that she can still be a hero without the super part. Again, he hints at a coming threat, that he’ll need all the Supers on his side for. So I doubt Lana will be powerless for long.

Atomic Skull

Bad guy turned good is always a classic plot device. Now we see it play out in Atomic Skull’s redemption story. I’m all about woman power, but I have to be honest…I was way more into Atomic Skull’s story this issue. He’s a character that I don’t know much about, but just from this little tidbit, I’m very interested. I like that he’s being introduced in a Superwoman story, so hopefully this book gets more traction.

Just kind of Eh

How do we make two of the most dynamic and legendary characters ever created even more mighty? Why, we give them a huge ass family. If you’ve been reading the Batman titles, you know that Batman is no longer a lone wolf. Same goes with the Supers. With so many characters, some are sure to fall short, right? Unfortunately, for me Lana Lang is that character. I just find it hard to care about her. The story is good, the art is really pretty, there’s just something that falls short. Maybe now without her powers gone she will seem more grounded, and I can begin to relate and care about her.

So What?

This is the worse time to lose your powers. Superman is recruiting a team to help defend against the big bad coming, and now he’s a man short. Considering this, it’s easy to assume not having powers is going to be a really short run. We will just have to watch and see how big of a part Lana will play in the next couple chapters of Rebirth.

✭✭✭✭✭✭✩✩✩✩ 6/10

Ariel DuPey | NCR

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