Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Justice League of America #4

Story: Steve Orlando
Art: Ivan Reis, Scott Hanna, Joe Prado, & Marcelo Maiolo

Batman has Lord Havoc right where he wants him, but the fight isn’t over yet! In this issue, we get one off pages of all the JLA team members beating off their respective counter parts from Havoc’s team. These encounters are pretty cool, albeit a little rushed due to the fact that all of these baddies are completely new to readers. It is worth mentioning that the baddie Lobo is fighting has a skeleton coated in an unbreakable metal called Amazonium. They should’ve gone less tongue-and-cheek and just called is shmadi-shmantium. But seriously, the reference was pretty funny.

The JLA members beat all of their foes and Batman beats Lord Havoc, restoring order to Kravia and saving the day. But The Ray’s counter part, Dreamslayer, is battling with being able to control himself and what he’s become. How can he exist in a world where he is a living weapon? - that sort of thing. Dreamslayer determines that if he can’t control life, maybe he can save it. Then he dissapears. Way to be super cryptic, Dreamslayer.

The last part of this issue shows us Lord Havoc’s team in the past destroying another world. Crusader, a hero from that world, is about to be killed by dreamslayer but shrinks down to what I’m assuming is the microverse. He sees what appears to be a burning constellation in front of him, and that’s where the issue leaves off.

Wild Speculation Time!

I could swear that I saw the Liberty Shield in the DC Universe Rebirth #1 special, but I pulled that issue off the shelf and couldn’t find it anywhere. Maybe a reader out there can refresh my memory on where this shield has been seen in DC Rebirth so far. There is another connection in this issue to other issues in DC Rebirth: The Microverse.

This tiny universe is mentioned in The Atom Rebirth #1, the microverse being the place the Atom has been lost to. My next question in that line of thought is this: Is the microverse on Earth 1 linked to all the other microverses from all the other Earths? If so, will we see Crusader show up in The Atom title that is currently slated for release in the near future? Only time will tell, but I think it’s too big of an easter egg to not follow through with.

The Confessional

The JLA was off to kind of a rocky start. Steve Orlando introduced us to a slate of villains from another world that we have never met before. And he kind of threw us right into battle with them without giving us proper introductions. He did give us back stories on the character throughout their battle with the JLA, so in the end he saved the day for the JLA book. I felt connected to most of the characters and am excited to see what’s next for the JLA. The art is beautiful and about the caliber one would expect from a JLA comic book. Overall, if you are wanting a Justice League-esque read but aren’t satisfied with the Current Justice League book, JLA is definitely a wonderful substitute and worth your time and money.

7/10 ★★★★★★★✩✩✩ 

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