Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Titans #10

Story: Dan Abnett
Art: Brett Booth

Two out of five …

Wally West and Nightwing have been captured by the fearsome five and are about to have their powers stripped away. But the rest of the Titans show up to save the day! Too bad the fearsome five is so, erm, fearsome. The Titans get their super-powered butts handed to them and, just as all hope is lost Bumble Bee shows up to save them! She totally beats the crap out of the Fearsome Five (kind of making the Titans look a little wimpy). But, at the end of the battle, Psimon decides to take her memories of her husband and child from her. The battle is won, but Bumble Bee can’t remember her honey or baby bee. Oh no!

The best part?

The art. All day long, the art. Brett Booth makes such beautifully constructed pages that I seriously wonder how he’s able to produce a book of this every month. The figure drawing is SUPER on point. The panel layout is crazy weird (in a good way). And the characterizations are great, giving me a real sense of who these people are and how they’re feeling.

How is the story?

It’s good, but definitely not the deepest story in the DC library right now. I go to this book as more of a classic and genuine superhero type of story. Good guy team up versus bad guy team up. Lots of nostalgic love for all of the characters (I loved Young Justice and Teen Titans back when it was this crew). Dan Abnett has done a really great job with adding Bumble Bee and her honey to this story and making me actually care about them. Over the last 10 issues, he has given us bits and pieces of their relationship and how Mal (the honey) gave up his powers. So character development is definitely on point.

The Confessional

If you’re looking for a fun superhero teamup story, this is your jam. It’s epically drawn and the characters are well rounded. It’s definitely not a cerebral book (back handed pun at Simon and Omen), but I don’t think it’s meant to be. And if you’re interested in what’s going on in the bigger picture in DC Universe Rebirth, Titans is a must read. Red headed Wally West is at the center of the Rebirth equation right now, so this is definitely something you’ll want in your pull file every month!

8/10 ★★★★★★★★✩✩

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