Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trinity #8 – The Truth About Superman***SPOILER Review

Cullen Bunn – Writer
Emanuela Lupacchino – Pencils

Dreams of a Superman
Even Superman has bad dreams.  His dreams involve him fighting himself – or at least another version of himself – over the skies of Metropolis.  At the Fortress of Solitude Superman confides in Batman and Wonder Woman about his dreams and his fear that they are more than dreams – they’re elusive memories he can’t grasp.  The trinity of heroes discuss the possibility of a being so powerful it can manipulate reality and the connection between the mysterious hooded man (Mr. Oz?) who made is presence known to Superman in the past.

Dreams or Reality?
Superman also confides that Batman and Wonder Woman are in his dream as well, helping him battle his doppelganger.  Wonder Woman confides that she’s knows what it feels like to have your life and your history toyed with, and Batman confides he doesn’t like being in other people’s dreams. Superman’s fear that the dreams are more like visions seems to culminate when the multiverse appears to open and Supermen, Batmen, and Wonder Women from all different continuities and time periods converge on each other.  Superman recognizes this as the multiverse showing him all the possibilities … and probabilities … it holds and he is just a pawn in a giant celestial game of chess.

Don’t Tell Anyone About This ….
The trio of heroes decide to keep this information to themselves for fear it could fracture the trust of the Justice League.   They say it is the only way to control the information and the scenario.  It’s questionable whether they have any control or not, as the final panel of the issue shows the mysterious cloaked man (Mr. Oz?) watching every move our heroes make.

The Verdict: This issue is a direct tie-in to the Superman Reborn Aftermath.  It has no connection to the story told last month with the Trinity of Evil – Lex Luthor, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Circe the Witch – which is disappointing.  However, we should see more of that story when the Trinity Annual comes out.  This issue was actually a little confusing, and to readers who are unfamiliar with the events of Superman Reborn may find the dialogue confusing.  It’s tough to tell what is a dream and what is reality, however, that is a part of the plot so it may be intentional.  I found the decision to not tell the other members of the Justice League to be unlike Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but I liked seeing more of a connection to Mr. Oz.  Even more than Mr. Oz, I like that this issue acknowledges other parts of the DC Universe like the events of Wonder Woman’s past being explored in her own comic.  All that being said, there was just too much of a disconnect between last issue and this one.  It was cool to see all the past versions Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on one page, even if it was a bit confusing.

6 out of 10.  Good but not Great
Next:  The Trinity Vs. The Justice League

Noah O-Toole | NCR

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