Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wonder Woman #20 - “Godwatch” Part 3

Story: Greg Rucka Art: Bilquis Evely & Romulo Fajardo Jr

The Dobermans, The Witch, & The Wonder Woman
Previously, in “Godwatch Part 2”:  Phobos and Deimos, the twin sons of Ares, have kidnapped the soul of Veronica Cale’s daughter Izzy. Veronica must discover the location of Themyscira, where Ares is being held prisoner, from Wonder Woman in order to save her daughter.
It’s been 7 years since Princess Diana left Themyscira to become a champion for Man’s World as Wonder Woman.  Veronica Cale’s little girl Izzy is now 15 years-old, but still faceless and comatose.  To make matters worse, Veronica is no closer to finding the location of Themyscira than when she first began looking for it, and all the best doctors in the world are clueless how to help return Izzy to normal.
Out of options, Veronica Cale performs an elaborate ritual to summon another deity from the Greek myths to help her turn the tables on Phobos and Deimos.  Just when it appears the ritual failed, a booming, sassy voice calls out from behind.  “You could have just, ya know, picked up the phone,” bellows Circe, reclining with her feet perched on Veronica’s desk.  “It sure as hell would have been a lot less work!”

Veronica Cale wanted a witch and she got a witch, perhaps the most powerful witch in history.  If you’re not current with your Greek mythology, here’s the abbreviated version:  Circe is a goddess of magic who is known for transforming her enemies into animals.  See Homer’s “Odyssey” for more on her.
According to Circe, if Veronica wants to free Izzy, she will need to force Phobos and Deimos to do so by binding them with a magical incantation.  Veronica Cale agrees to Circe’s terms.  Binding Phobos and Deimos will take more power than Circe has alone, which is where Wonder Woman plays into her plan.  Circe tricks Wonder Woman into using the lasso on her, while at the same time Veronica summons Phobos and Deimos and they walk right into the trap.  With Wonder Woman’s lasso binding her, Circe recites an ancient spell turning Phobos and Deimos into two Doberman Pinschers and then suddenly disappears.
Back at Empire Industries, Circe examines the soulstone in which Phobos and Deimos have trapped Izzy within but makes a disturbing discovery:  the soulstone is cracked and whoever was trapped inside is gone!  Circe, able to speak to Phobos and Deimos in their new canine forms, relays to Veronica that the twins say Izzy’s soul is with their father in prison and the only way to free her is to free him as well.  If freeing the God of War is what she needs to do, then so be it!
Next Month:  Godwatch Part 4!  Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale on a date … kinda!
Even though this is Wonder Woman’s book, Greg Rucka has made the stand-out stars her supporting cast.  Adrianna Anderson, the new Dr. Cyber, has become one of my favorite characters because of her sarcastic humor and witty comebacks.  I find myself having empathy for Veronica Cale, who is supposed to be the big villain, and any Wonder Woman story that involves Circe is a blast to read.  While you can easily pick up any issue and start reading, I definitely also recommend picking up the trade paperback as Rucka has weaved a really deep tale about Diana discovering her own truth.  The art really shined bright for me in this book as well; every panel was full of detail. 
8/10 - ★★★★★★★★✩✩
Noah O’Toole | NCR

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