Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wonder Woman #21 ***SPOILER Review

Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Liam Sharp
Colors: Laura Martin and Hi-Fi
The Truth: Part 4

Previously in Wonder Woman:  Veronica Cale’s daughter Izzy’s soul has been kidnapped by the twin sons of Ares.  The only way to rescue her is to open a gate to Themyscira and free Ares in the process.  Diana and Steve Trevor are trying to prevent this mistake from being made.

Diana is Tough, but not Bullet Proof  

Colonel Maru and Team Poison have converged on Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Team Poison attacks, distracting Wonder Woman long enough for Colonel Maru to get two shots on her with a rifle from atop a tall building.  Steve returns fire on Team Poison while Wonder Woman ricochets Maru’s next shot off her bulletproof bracelet, revealing Maru’s location.  Before knocking her out cold, Wonder Woman tells Colonel Maru she takes it quite personally when someone succeeds in shooting her … twice.

Amazons of Themyscira – To Arms!

Veronica Cale, her faceless daughter Izzy, the Cheetah, and the twin sons of Ares, Phobos and Deimos, still transformed into Doberman Pinschers, arrive by helicopter to the island in the Black Sea Barbara Ann Minerva visited years before she became the Cheetah.  In our reality, the island is barren and abandoned, but a gateway somewhere serves as a portal to another reality where Themyscira exists.  The gateway is the mysterious tree that appeared on Themyscira and has been plaguing Diana’s sanity.  On the other side of the gateway, Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons, along with the patron goddesses and gods the Amazons in animal form, ready themselves for battle as a strange glow emanates from the twisted tree.

The Blood of a Princess

Diana and Steve arrive at the island and try to stop Veronica as the gateway begins to open.  The wound on Wonder Woman’s wrist, caused by the twisted tree when she was a child, bleeds as she approaches the gateway.  Cheetah attacks Wonder Woman, causing Diana’s blood to spill onto the twisted tree, which was the key to opening the gateway.  The dogs instantly run through the portal, followed immediately by the faceless Izzy.  Veronica and Wonder Woman are swallowed by the gateway before it closes, leaving Steve and Cheetah behind.

The Body of a God

The gateway leads to Ares’s prison where he sits in shackles next to Izzy, who now has her face.  He is very much without his armor, his body is muscular and chiseled, and the color of his eyes is red.  Izzy sings next to him and strums a harp.  Wonder Woman doesn’t recognize him, and after he introduces himself he smile … and welcomes her to his prison!

Next Time in Wonder Woman #23 “The Truth” Concludes!

Verdict: This book was an exciting, fast-paced read and the action really ramps up as we head toward the conclusion of Greg Rucka’s run as writer and Liam Sharp’s as artist.  Regarding the art, it was flawless and Liam Sharp’s unique style will definitely be missed.  Rucka spent many months developing Wonder Woman’s supporting characters, Veronica Cale and Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah in particular, and the payoff was spectacular as they all converged on the mysterious twisted tree that has been plaguing Diana since her childhood.  The dial has been turned on full blast with this story, and I cannot wait for what is sure to be the bittersweet culmination of Rucka’s story coming up shortly in issue #25.


Noah O’Tolle | NCR

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