Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Action Comics # 979

Story: Dan Jurgens
Art: Patch Zircher
Color: Hi-Fi


Superman .. strangled???

This issue opens up with good ole Supes being strangled to death by Mongul. Turns out this was a dream that Mongul was having while he was left enslaved by the Black Death (see more in our review of Trinity Vol 1). Eradicator shows up to interrupt Monguls dream and recruit him for his super secret evil boy band. 

Lois and Clark are house hunting 💤

So apparently Lois and Clark are moving into the city (which seems kind of weird, but makes sense if I can predict what is about to happen in the Superman title). And this whole sequence of them moving to the city just seems like something we should have been shown after the next Superman issue comes out. Because in the last issue of Superman, we find out that Hamilton County isn’t real. So showing them moving to the city just seems like something that should’ve come after that issue in the Superman story arc. But I digress, Supes and Lois decided on a place in Metropolis. 

Into Oblivion!

Meanwhile, the super secret evil team is off to find the Oblivion Stone at Superman’s Himalayan refuge. They get to digging and find the Oblivion Stone, along with Klon and Dratania. Eradicator and his team makes quick work of the two people they found, and they take the oblivion stone (or half of an oblivion stone) back to their master, Hank Henshaw. Hank has the other half of the Oblivion Stone, and he uses it to turn himself back into Cyborg Superman! Eradicator tells Cyborg Superman “We are complete”. To which Cyborg Superman replies “Not yet. We will now find the one they call ZOD”. And we’re gonna pick things up next time in “Assault on the Suicide Squad”.

Sum it up!

In this issue we continue the journey with Hank Henshaw and his team of baddies as they set on a path to destroy Superman. While this issue was super fun and Jurgens did manage to pull it off without any plot holes, I found myself a little bored during the first half of it. Jurgens did make up for that with a pretty cool reveal at the end, so this issue is definitely worth your time. 


Ben Dupey | NCR

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