Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Batgirl #11

Story: Hope Larson
Art: Chris Wildgoose

Son of Penguin: Finale

The story so far…  Batgirl and Ethan Cobblepot, the son of Gotham crime boss the Penguin, have had an off-again, on-again relationship.  Ethan begins to operate under the name Blacksun and attempts to take over his father’s company.


A Murmuration

Batgirl drops in on Penguin and Ethan, thinking she was going to stop an attempt on the Penguins life.  Only, this isn’t just any murder attempt, it’s one designed to look like a flash mob.  Ethan Cobblepot is into data mining and analytics.  He created a vector suit which allows him to control people from the data he mined. Ethan – as Blacksun – commands the flash mob to attack!

Babs Uses Her Brains

Barbara Gordon realizes she may be able to stop Ethan if she can get him somewhere remote without a signal.  Prospect Park is such a place, but Batgirl will need to outwit Ethan to get him there.  Her plan banks on Ethan’s jealousy as she disguises herself as Nightwing and he doesn’t hesitate to chase.  Once in Prospect Park, Batgirl shuts down Blacksun’s vector suit.

Like Father, Like Son

When his suit malfunctioned, it caused severe burns to Ethan’s body.  In a disturbing final scene, we see the Penguin’s henchmen kidnap Ethan from his hospital bed and bring him to his father, the Penguin, who welcomes him home with a sinister grin…

sum it up!

This story arc ended stronger than it began.  At first, I found it out of place for Batgirl to date the son of the Penguin, but as the story unfolded things fell into place.  Batgirl is a fun book with positive role models and gives Barbara Gordon a chance to be her own character in her new city of Burnside.  The book is fun, but also silly in parts, and isn’t necessarily geared towards every reader.  If some of the over-the-top violence seen in many comic books doesn’t appeal to you, give Batgirl a try for a more light-hearted take on the bat family.

score 7/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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