Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Batman # 23

Writer: Tom King
Artists: Mitch Gerads

A man green with envy decides the fate of a father. Batman with an unexpected guest, must sweep the city to find the answers, that the both of them might need.


Peace in the Green

Lloyd Bernard Mcginn has met his fate and his lifeless body sits alone. That is until Batman shows up to investigate yet another murder. But this victim is more important than we realize. He is the father of Alec Holland, non other than Swamp thing. Together, Batman and Alec search for the two-shot killer. Grief and anger takes hold of Swamp Thing when the culprit is found. Being one with the green, does not guarantee the safety of man. After an impulsive and vicious revenge, Swamp Thing returns to where he came from; leaving Batman behind to beg for the answers, of life after death.


Tom is My King

The way Tom King is able to tell these almost poetic stories, always leave me wanting more. This was a nice breather from the high intensity overtone that Batman has had so far. This story had a very calm, noir feel to it, which I absolutely loved. Batman tends to stay in character almost always, to see him break down is always a good reminder of why he is the way he is. King made that final page very impactful and he is able to acquire empathy from the reader.

Sum it Up!

A short but impactful story, Tom King is able to spin a well crafted narrative despite the seemingly simple plot. A nice interlude from The Button and the aftermath of Bane that is coming, I couldn’t have pictured a better story to be the buffer. With only 23 pages you find yourself truly invested in both Swamp Thing and Batman, individually and as a team. Great read, I very much hope to see these two together once again someday.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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