Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Batman Beyond # 8

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Bernard Chang
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo

Wearing a suit that was never meant to be put on again…Terry’s going to discover what made Bruce stop being the Bat.


The Perfect Design

With the suit of pure destruction Terry is slowly deteriorating into a sole fighting machine. When one of Ra’s goons show up, the team have to beg Terry to leave to go address the bigger picture, Ra himself. But Terry's newfound aggression and angst causes the life of Curare to be ended. That is unless someone throws her in the Lazarus pit; every bad guy’s plan B. We then learn why this suit is so dangerous. It’s meant to have the wearer be the perfect soldier…no pain, no tiredness, a perfect fighting machine. Bruce learned the hard way that there was a cost to such a deadly weapon. This simple latex creation caused the Batman his career. Will it do the same to Terry?

The Twist

Terry is all geared up and ready to take on the legend himself, Ra’s al Ghul. But Bruce Wayne knows that Ra's is long gone, and the new Emperor of the shadows is none other than………. Damian Wayne! Yup that little butthead runt jerk becomes Ra’s replacement. Go Figure.

A Little Batty

I don’t know if I just hadn’t noticed before, but the panel layout is super busy. It was so chaotic at times, that I was thrown out of the story repeatedly. I get with this being a futuristic story, the artists want the book to be edgy, but sometimes less is more. There is a lot of excitement and action in this issue, so even with the panels being crazy it was still a fun read. Especially with the surprise twist at the end that I can honestly say didn’t even surprise me.

Sum it Up!

This book is able to work on pure imagination since they aren’t in continuity with the other runs going on right now. Considering that, you can see the artists are having a blast bringing back old enemies and creating new ones. So for the most part it’s a really fun and high adrenaline read. The panels on this issue were a little too “creative” for my taste, but the plot made up for the lack of structure. Worth a read.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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