Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Batman Detective Comics #956

Story: James Tynion IV
Art: Marcio Takara
Color: Marcello Maiolo


Mommy issues

We’ve finally arrived at the end of the League of Shadows story arc in Batman Detective Comics. And with that ending comes the final showdown between Orphan and her mother, Lady Shiva. So did James Tynion IV pull it off? Was it an epic show down between two warriors? Or did the story piddle out into a confusing mess? Read on to find out!

Bombs .. not .. away? …

Lady Shiva and Orphan are going at it both verbally and physically from the very start of this issue. We get some pretty cool fight sequences between those two along with Batman, who is tryin to help her out. Batman also sends Luke Fox and Azrael to try and diffuse the giant bomb that is about to destroy Gotham City. Kate gets wounded and Clayface takes her up to the street level of Gotham, away from any further danger. 

Dad’s lookin out for ya, Kate

And up in the sky, Colonial Kane is arguing with Ulysses because Ulysses is about to set off a bomb that will destroy Gotham, but will also destroy Lady Shiva and all of her ninja assassins. Colonial Kane Spots his daughter, Kate, down on the street and puts it all on hold. 

Ra’s, you’re such a dick!

Meanwhile, down in the sewers, Orphan finally bests her mom in combat. And we get a little flashback of Lady Shiva talking to Ra’s about something, but we don’t find out what. And just as it appears that Lady Shiva may open up to Orphan a little bit, she gets shot through the heart by Ra’s Al Ghul. He makes a deal with Batman to let him disarm the bomb and take Lady Shiva’s body with him. At the end of the issue, we get a couple pages of Batman and Kate talking. The big reveal here is that Ra’s somehow used magic against them and that’s what he’s going to have to use in the upcoming war. 

Sum it up! 

The finale to detective comics was okay, but it did leave a little bit to be desired. I wanted a showdown between Cassandra and Lady Shiva, but instead I got one where Bruce and the rest of his team were involved. We got some cryptic messages about Ra’s Al Ghul and his future plans for Gotham, but not much was really revealed. Overall, it was a semi-decent story that left more questions than answers.

6.5 / 10

Ben DuPey | NCR  

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