Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Batman Detective Comics # 957

Story: James Tynion IV & Christopher Sebela
Art: Carmen Carnero, Carl Story, Richard Friend, Javier Mena

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The League of Shadows story arc has come and gone and Batman has been through complete hell with the events of The Button. We get a new story arc in Detective Comics and I got excited to see some of the aftermath of The Button and the effects it would have on Batman's crew. But in this book, we don't get any of that. We mostly just follow Spoiler on one of her adventures as she crusades against Batman. Did James Tynion IV make it interesting? Or was it a total throw away issue? Read on to find out more!


Breakin the Bat Signal

Spoiler is doing her namesake justice and totally spoiling the Bat Signal every chance she gets. She hops up on the roof the sticks a sandal in the gears of the signal just before Harvel Bullock tries to turn it on. And we get Spoilers inner monologue about how Batman stops villians and that's all great, except for one small problem. People get hurt along the way as all the villians try to one up the man in the cowl. While this part was kind of boring to me because I've seen it all before, the artwork was pretty cool. There were some awesome action shots of Spoiler swinging from rooftops, and that saved this sequence enough for me.

ANOTHER Throwaway Villian

I think this guys name was Wrath, but honestly I'm not sure. It's made pretty clear from the git go that this guy is just a throwaway villian to be used as an example for the exposition on Spoiler. Wrath is trying to break into a TV Studio so he can get a message to all the people about how he wants to destroy Batman. But not if Spoiler has anything to say about it. She shows up and totally spoils his plans, handing him over to Harvey Bullock and his team of cops at the end of the issue. She makes away just as Harvey tries to arrest her for constantly breaking the bat signal. On the very last page of the issue, we see a guy who I'm assuming is Anarchy approach Spoiler telling her he wants to help her in her fight against crime and Batman.

Sum it up!

While it was cool to get a little bit of exposition on Spoiler, I can't help but feel that I've seen all of this before in Detective Comics. Yes, we know that Stephanie Brown isn't a fan of Batman and she wants to take him on. But that really isn't enough to hold my attention for an entire issue. The coolest part was a new character showing up at the end of the issue. So hopefully that will provide a little bit of a new angle on this story for future issues. But for this issue, not much really happened.


Ben DuPey | NCR  

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