Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deathstroke # 19

Writer: Priest, Benjamin Percy, Dan Abnett
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan, Roberto Viacava
Inks: Jason Paz, Sean Parsons
Colors: Jeromy Cox

Now with the ability of speed, is the fastest killer alive unstoppable? More than one mistake was made by multiple members of this loaded cast. Now the heroes and the villains have made their bed, but are they willing to lie in it?


Flash Forward; Flash Back

Red head Wally West catches up to Deathstroke, but to his horror, finds that he unable to stop the masked mad man. Then we finally get a glimpse to the past where we see Dick, still as Robin, making a deal with the devil. Can I tell you exactly what the deal was? No, because I got a little lost in the dialogue. All I understand is there was a contract, and Slade wanted his daughter to be taught good values by Dick then nada…yeah maybe it’ll clear up during discussion. This is all happening while Slade is also making fun of an older Dick Greyson still in a Robin outfit.

Good Deeds turned Deadly

The Titans and Teen Titans are gathered around trying to figure out how to approach this serious situation. Younger Kid Flash is getting grief from Damien about being a helping hand in Deathstroke’s success. Even worse, Kid Flash realizes that his super speed powers are gone. This leaves only red head Wally able to fight against the killer speedster. But he’s not alone, Wally enlists the help of Slade’s son Jericho, to take down good ol' dad. A little too late as the final page shows Deathstroke's emergence into the past, hugging his no longer dead son.

Like Father, Like Son

Wow, Slade was a dick. Seriously, child services should have been called multiple times. All this time I’ve kinda felt bad for the guy, and now all that empathy is gone. It’s interesting since after this, Deathstroke has been teased to start his own Titans-esque group. But how on earth is this evil S.O.B going to be turned into a hero?

Sum it Up!

The colorful art highlighted every scene very well. But the dialogue left me for a loop on a couple occasions. There were also moments that really had no explanation, and congested the flow of the overall story. Other than that it was a high paced, and fun read. Priest does well in giving the reader an even deeper look into the good and bad parts of our heroes and villains. With time yet again, being the plot device, will this be a defining moment in Rebirth history? We can only wait to find out.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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