Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Green Arrow #22 ***SPOILER Review

Story: Benjamin Percy
Art: Juan Ferreyra

It's a mess out there!  ✈️ 🔥

The city is in a chaotic mess as the last issue left us with three airplanes that crashed all over Star City (RIP Jim and Eric). Green Arrow is helping the firefighters clean up the wreckage and search for survivors. But the wreckage isn't the only problem going on. The group of villians that assembled in the last issue are attacking everything that makes Star City function!

The ... three ... horsemen ??? 🐴🐴🐴

Eddie is sniping a gasoline truck in order to create havoc on the highway, but Green Arrow shows up to try and stop him. Eddie tells Oli that he's doing all of this to create chaos in Star City. Then he introduces Oli to his partners in crime or - as they like to be called - The Four Horsemen. There's Chesire, a poisonous assassin. Brick, who is obviously the muscle of the operation. There's Eddie Fryers, a self proclaimed "pale horse of death". And then we don't get introduced to the fourth horseman.

Political Parallels donald_trump

As usual with Benjamin Percy, we get a pretty clear political parallel drawn between Mayor Domini and Donald Trump. Domini is being interviewed by Victoria, my favorite red headed reporter. She starts questioning Domini about his choices to not let the National Guard help Star City in this time of Crisis. Instead of reassuring people, he's "blaming the previous administration and fear mongering". When Domini realizes that the reporter is not on his side, he starts talking trash about media bias and cuts off the interview. A nice real world parallel that was well executed (in this writers opinion).

Oli is at the center of this problem ★

Victoria takes some time to make Green Arrow aware that there are five points in Star City (coincidentally making a star). Underneath each of these five points are Ley Lines, which are points of ancient energy. Oli's former company, Queen Industry, is right at the center of these points. Later, Oli and Black Canary get in an argument (I had a really hard time figuring out what they were fighting over) and Canary walks off. Which means Oli's group is now down Diggle and Canary. So the "Oracle" of this operation, Henry, decides to call in Arsenal to help out. Him and Arsenal are talking and then Henry realizes that his tree fortress has been set on fire by Eddie! To. Be. Continued.

Sum it up! 

This issue culminated all of the events that we've gotten from the last 21 issues of Green Arrow in DC Rebirth. All of these events are finally coming to a head, and it couldn't be more epic. Benjamin Percy crafts a wonderful story with beautiful art from Juan Ferreyra that leaves me wanting more every couple of weeks.


Ben DuPey | NCR 

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