Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Green Arrow # 23

Story: Benjamin Percy
Art: Juan Ferreyra

Last we left off, a group of people called the Four Horsemen were about to lay waste to Star City. Oliver Queen and Black Canary had just parted ways because of a couple’s quarrel. And Oliver was in the middle of confronting 3 of the 4 horsemen in an all out fistfight. So did Ollie Survive? Did Black Canary come back to help Ollie out? And did Henry make it out of his tree house before it was completely burnt to the ground? Read on to find out! 


Research time! 

We open up with black Canary who is getting all the information she can on The Queen Family. I’m not quite sure where she is here, but my favorite Green Arrow character of all, Victoria Much (or as I like to call her, red-headed recap reporter lady), is there with Canary. Canary and Victoria are arguing back and forth because Canary apparently doesn’t trust Much much (heh, see what I did there? Much, much!). Victoria is telling Canary that her intentions are good and she’s just trying to stop the ninth circle from completing it’s evil plans for Seattle. 

Ollie is a train wreck

Meanwhile, Ollie is searching through the wreckage that was his treehouse hideout. And Emi is confronging Chesire, who is about to release a chemical agent into the water of seattle that will cause the citezins a ton of pain. Red Arrow shows up to help Emi kick Chesire’s ass and Chesire makes it away.

Henry’s going dark???

Henry wakes up at Queen Industries where Broderick greets him with a cool techie pair of glasses (because Broderick’s goons apparently broke Henry’s glasses). Broderick is showing Henry all of the cool techie gadgets they have at Queen Industries and giving him the hard sell to come over and work for him. And we don’t really hear Henry’s response, but he’s looking a little swayed by Brodericks arguement! 


The end of the issue shows us Domini up on the rooftop of Queen Industries shooting golf balls into the street like he owns the place. He’s going on some rant about how every city needs one thing to rally around. A symbol that signifies the entire city and give them all hope. We flash between this and Green Arrow kicking Eddie’s ass. Just as it looks like Green Arrow has won, the space needle explodes! Dang! 

Sum it up! 

While this issue was expertly drawn and the story was pretty fun, I kept hearing the song “too many cooks” in the background while I was reading it. We follow so many characters in a 22 page comic that it can sometimes become overwhelming and difficult to follow. But, if you have the time to spend to sit down and give this book a chance, you wont be disappointed. There is a great story here will absolutely gorgeous art. And red-headed recap reporter lady (Victoria Much) plays a big part, to boot! 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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