Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Green Lanterns #22 - Lost in Space Part 1 ***SPOILER Review

Take me higher ... 🚀

Simon and Jessica have just been summoned into space and have no idea what the heck is going on. They're flying through the cosmos and Jessica activated an 'emergency stop' on her lantern ring. Simon makes his way to Mogo and sends Kyle Rayner out to get Jessica. Kyle heads out to pick her up and take her back to Mogo. We get a few awesome panels of them exploring along the way. Now that Simon and Jessica are at Mogo, it's time for them to get some actual Green Lantern training. Simon gets to train with Kyle Rayner and Jessica gets probably the worst training experience of all time - she gets to train with Guy Garner! 

Finally, we revisit Rami and Volthoom 🎭

Rami was also taken from Earth and transported over to The Guardian's location. Sayd and Ganthet meet up with him and have no idea that Volthoom is inside of Rami's body. Sayd and Ganthet explain to Rami/Volthoom that they are no longer able to summon Green Lantern rings and that the rings just leave Mogo and never come back. Rami/Volthoom realizes they have no idea that he's actually Volthoom, so he decides to play along.

Some long awaited answers 

Well, not answers per se. But we're getting closer. I feel like maybe Sam Humphries had to wait for the stars to align in order to do this Green Lantern Corp crossover, so he had to bide some time with the whole Dr Polaris thing. In my opinion, that whole ordeal was kind of a waste of time. But maybe it will come back into play in the future issues. But we're finally back on track and I'm totally stoked to see the Green Lantern Corps getting in on the action.

Sum it up! 

This issue was a much needed re-centering of the Green Lanterns story that's been happening in DC Rebirth. We're finally back to dealing with Volthoom. And the Green Lantern Corps are involved, so it's super epic! The issue did present more questions than answers, but the answers are coming soon (I hope). Simon and Jessica are finally getting some formal Green Lantern training, which is going to be really fun to watch in the next issue. And the artwork from Cliquet and Hi-Fi with Green Lanterns in space is always breathtaking.

7.5 / 10

Ben Dupey | NCR 

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