Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Harley Quinn #20

Story: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner 
Art: John Timms & Joseph Michael Linsner 

A Blast from the Future! Part 1 

The story so far … Harley Quinn starts a new adventure after her hijinks with the 4th wall-breaking mercenary known as Red Tool (think of a certain Marvel character that rhymes with Red Tool…)! 


A Call from Harley Sin 

While tending to the wounded Red Tool and fretting about her parents visiting in only two day, Harley Quinn receives a phone call from a blocked number.  It’s Harley Sin - one of Harley Quinn’s new nemesis’!  She has broken free from prison and kidnapped Harley’s pals Mason and Madam Macabre.  She doesn’t say what she wants, only that what she wants has already been accomplished (cue dramatic music)!  

Bogus Bat Chick 

Meanwhile, back in Gotham CityDevani Kage, also known as Bat Fan, has managed to break into the Bat Cave and uses the Bat Computer to locate Harley Quinn.  Once she locates her Coney Island hideout, she attacks, sentencing Harley Quinn to death for the future crime of murdering Batman.  Harley and Bat Fan take to roof top to finish their fight.  At first it seems Bat Fan’s futuristic armor gives her the advantage, but Harley turns her powers back and defeats the “Big, fake, bat bitch”.  Harley loads her into the catapult (of course she has a catapult … it’s Harley Quinn!) and tosses her across the river to get back to matter at hand – her kidnapped companions.  And as for Bat Fan, she comes to mid-air and exclaims, “Oh no you don’t!”  

Next: Back At Ya! 

Sum it up! 

Jimmy and Amanda hit their stride with Harley Quinn and have managed to keep the pace.  This is the start of a new story arc and is a great place for new readers to jump on. In fact, any issue of Harley Quinn is probably okay to jump on – as arguably DC’s most popular female character this book highlights the comedic side of comic books with plenty of risqué jokes and adult content that make it a fun easy read, but definitely not kids stuff! 

Score - 8/10 

Noah O'Toole | NCR 

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