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Is Doctor Manhatten the creator of the DC Multiverse???

I've read DC Universe Rebirth #1 a multitude of times. I've written articles about it. I've even had entire podcasts dedicated to pulling every bit of information in it apart. So needless to say, when The Button came out, I did the exact same thing. The inclusion of The Watchmen characters into the DC Universe is like combining chocolate and peanut butter for me. It's magic! So from my relentless obsession with these books comes a crazy fan theory. Get ready ya'll, put on your tin foil hats and read on!

***SPOILERS for The Button story arc follow***

Can Doctor Manhatten create life? 

At the end of The Button, we get a monologue of Doctor Manhattan talking to Laurie (quoted right from the book) reminding us that Doctor Manhattan does not see time in a linear fashion. He sees it all at once. We also know that, at the end of Watchmen, he mentions that he's going to go to Mars. Maybe create some life of his own. So this brings in the reality that Doctor Manhatten is able to create life.

So why Superman? 

Clark Kent is an anomaly. And if Doctor Manhatten created the DC Multi-verse, this anomaly would be something that caused Doctor Manhatten some problems with the way that he views time and space in the universe that he created. But Ben, there are other anomalies in the DC Universe. If Doctor Manhatten did create the DC Multi-Verse, why isn't he after those people too? What, you mean like Jay Garrick? We all saw how he got killed by a mysterious ray of blue light at the end of The Button story arc. And then there's red headed Wally West. He was reborn as African American Wally West at the beginning of The New 52. So this is another anomaly that Doctor Manhattan tried to nip in the bud. Superman died in the events of Death of Superman back in the day. Then he was reborn again at the beginning of New 52. Then he died again in New 52 and was reborn yet again! This creates an anomaly that could trouble the "god" of the DC Universe.

And then there's Eobard Thawn...

"I saw ... GOD" were the words the Eobard Thawn muttered with his dying breath after his encounter with Doctor Manhatten. And this is no normal human being. Thawn is a man that has been all throughout the time and space of the DC Multiverse. He has seen all kinds of huge beings that claim to be god-like. So Thawn saying "I saw God" is not something to take lightly. Whatever Doctor Manhattens role is in the DC Universe, it's unlike any other we've seen up until this point in the comics. Also, when he confronted Doctor Manhatten and saw him for the first time, Thawn uttered the phrase "Wait, please .. I didn't know...". Could the end of that sentence be "that you were our creator!".

Far fetched, I know

I realize all of this is an extremely far fetched fan theory. And I may be completely off base. But there is some logic to the theory that Doctor Manhatten did create the DC Multiverse. If he did, the implications of that fact could be huge and life changing for literally everyone in the DC Universe. Needless to say, I'm enjoying every single step of the journey that Geoff Johns is taking us on with DC Rebirth and I cannot wait until the next part (all the way in November!). Like my theory? Hate it? Disagree? Comment and let me know your thoughts!

Ben DuPey | NCR 

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