Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Justice League #21

Story & ArtBrian Hitch  

Endless: Part 2 

The story so far… the Flash found himself in a time loop where a man kills Green Lantern Jessica Cruz repeatedlyBarry recruits the Justice League to help him prevent this disaster, but as usual, Barry was the cause of this tragedy - by being preemptive, he set in motion the events as he experienced them. 


Endless Battle 

The League is fighting a giant blue space monster that Barry recognizes as one they fought before.  And as usual, Barry thinks he can “fix” things and save everyone.  The Flash casually explains some plot exposition to Batman while the League continues to nonchalantly fight the alien.  Apparently, tomorrow the Flash will have breakfast with Jessica when a man will show up with a weapon that when Barry touches it, causes him to go backwards along the timeline of events that haven’t happened yet.  Confused?  Me too. 

Endless Time 

Batman and Flash leave the League to fight the alien while they go investigate the facility where the weapon that will kill Jessica tomorrow is being held and heavily guarded.  They try to warn Jason Taylor, the inadvertent bad guy here, that his device will soon detonate and kill everyone. Confused?  Me too. 

Endless Regrets 

With the alien monster defeated, Aquaman and Wonder Woman have a change of heart about beating him unconscious.  The entire group boom tubes to the facility where Batman and Flash are to help escort all the people there to safety.  The device begins to detonate as Cyborg realizes there is an energy signal below and the device is alive.  Suddenly, the same giant blue space monster bursts from the floor below and appears to attack.  As it turns out, the device was part of the alien, and once the two were whole again, the alien apologizes for the intrusion and leaves.  Confused?  Me too. 

Endless Warnings 

The Kindred, the Fear Thing, Molly, the Timeless, the Sentry … they have all tried to warn the Justice League of an impending coming event.  Do we really need over 20 issues to build up the same thing?  And haven’t all of the aforementioned creatures been an “impending coming event” themselves?  Confused?  Me too. 

Next: Quarantine on the Watchtower 

Sum it up! 

I have come to expect to be disappointed by Rebirth’s Justice League, and this issue was disappointing, so no surprise there.  With “The Button” event taking place, I don’t know why we need yet another story where Barry screws things up by going back in time to fix things that haven’t even happened, much less another story about the Justice League fighting an epic battle with alien monsters that always ends the same.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Brian Hitch’s Justice League, his art is better than his story, and we all know someone who is a better artist. 

score 4/10 

Noah O'Toole | NCR 

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