Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Suicide Squad #17: Blowing Up

Story: Rob Williams 
Pencils: Tony S. Daniel


Previously in Suicide Squad: Thanks to a kryptonite bomb, Amanda Waller has a new recruit to the Suicide Squad – none other than General Zod himself!  

The Brigade is Back

The Suicide Squad have been after the Annihilation Brigade for a long time.  The Annihilation Brigade are the guardians of Temho-Metya, a Russian prison and the home to Russian version of Belle Reve and the Suicide Squad.  The Suicide Squad attempted to steal the portal to the Phantom Zone but were stopped by the Brigade during the events of Suicide Squad: The Black Vault.  As the Squad descends, Zod is a bit over-zealous, rushing into the battle in a way only Zod could, the rest of the Task Force X struggling to keep up.

Zod Gives Zero #&@%s

The Annihilation Brigade consists of CosmonutGulagTunguska, and Tankograd.  General Zod, being invincible, goes straight for Tunguska, rupturing his containment suit, triggering an explosion at any moment, leaving the rest of the Suicide Squad scrambling to stay alive and escape with their lives.

Captain Boomerang to the Rescue

Agent Harcourt, one of Amanda Waller’s staff, is actually working with Direktor Karla, leader of the Annihilation Brigade.  She murders several Belle Reve staff members before setting the prison to “self-destruct”.  Amanda being the “Wall” she is, knew of Harcourt’s betrayal and had all but four of her bullets removed, so she could still take out the staff members but not Amanda herself.  A fight breaks out between Harcourt and Waller, but is ended when Captain Boomerang kills Agent Harcourt with a razor-sharp boomerang to the head.

Peanut I Say!

Enchantress teleports the Squad to safety before Tunguska explodes, killing every one of the Annihilation Brigade except the peanut-speaking hammer-head Cosmonut, who Katana has captured at sword-point. Unfortunately, the explosion also killed all the prisoners who were being held prisoner against their will, just like the members of the Suicide Squad.  The death of these unfortunate prisoners, forced to work for their government, leaves the Squad with mixed emotions. 

It’s Not Brain Surgery

Following what Amanda Waller considers a successful mission, she is quite pleased with the performance of her newest recruit, General Zod.  Zod, however, is not pleased with his new place in the Suicide Squad.  Standing in front of a mirror his eyes glow red as he attempts to cut the kryptonite bomb out of his brain himself!

Next: The Secret of the Black Vault!

The Verdict: The bulk of the fun Suicide Squad used to provide me came in the form of not knowing who was going to die or when.  Following the popularity of the movie, the Suicide Squad seems to have acquired a permanent cast that is in no danger of dying.  I miss the unpredictability that used to provide, and Suicide Squad Rebirth is not as exciting as previous incarnations.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still a great read and is funny and exciting at the same time.  General Zod is a welcomed addition, providing that unpredictability to the Squad I crave, compelling me to come back for the next issue.  Tony S. Daniel delivers on the art as each page is full of fun detail. 7 out of 10

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