Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Suicide Squad #18

Story: Bob Williams
Art: Tony S. Daniel

Your Future is Dead

The story so far…  Thanks to a kryptonite bomb implanted in his skull, Amanda Waller is able to draft General Zod into the Suicide Squad.  Following a battle with the Russian Annihilation Brigade, Zod decides he no one’s prisoner and begins to cut the kryptonite bomb out of his own brain.



Zod verses the Squad

In one of the more intense scenes I’ve read in a comic book in a long time, we see General Zod standing in front of a mirror, using his heat beams to graphically cut his own skull open to remove the kryptonite bomb Amanda Waller implanted to recruit him to her Suicide Squad.  Zod, now with half of his brain exposed, begin wreaking havoc on Amanda Waller and the Belle Reve crew.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just before General Zod evaporates Amanda Waller with his heat beams the Suicide Squad rushes in to the rescue.  Zod uses the Black Vault, which is a portal to the Phantom Zone, to unleash wraiths from the Phantom Zone to attack the Squad.  While the Suicide Squad is busy fighting the criminal ghosts of Krypton’s past, General Zod turns his attention once again to Amanda Waller.  But before he kills Amanda he is stopped again, only this time by the hammer-head, peanut talking member of the Annihilation Brigade Cosmonaut!

Unlikely Rescuers

It begins to look like the wraiths of the Phantom Zone have the upper hand on the Suicide Squad when a pair of unlikely rescuers come to their aid.  It’s Cyborg Superman and the Eradicator!  But when the Eradicator states they will obliterate all who stand against the children of Krypton we have to wonder whose side are they on?

Sum it up!

As usual, Suicide Squad is a fun, action-packed read.  General Zod is the wildcard needed to spice up the action and adventure in Suicide Squad, even though the current roster mirrors the recent movie in such a way no one is in danger of dying on any of the “suicide missions”.  Even though the title lost some of its originality over the years, it’s still a fun, well written book with gorgeous art.  

Score 7.5/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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