Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Superman # 23

Story: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Pencils: Doug Mahnke
Inks: Jaime Mendoza, Mahnke, and Keith Champagne
Colors: Will Quintana & Hi-Fi

Finally, some answers! 

Superman has been a book that holds a lot of mysteries. Ever since rebirth started, people have been asking - Who is this new/old superman that replaced New 52 Superman? What is Jon’s deal? Are they from this timeline? From this planet? And what’s the deal with their neighbor - Farmer Cobb? In this issue, we go a little further down the Superman rabbit hole. Read on to find out if Tomasi and Gleason answered any of our questions! 


Lois and Cobb Face Off

Well, not face off so much as ‘have a stern conversation’. Lois is pretty pissed off that Cobb and his daughter Kathy have been lying to them from the git go. Superman is just beneath the two of them, exploring Cobb’s farm, or should I say lair. Superman hears Lois kind of struggling as Cobb tries to get the Bat-Gauntlet off of Lois’s hand with telekinesis. So Supes flies straight up through the ground and into Cobb.

Supes and Cobb Face Off

It’s pretty much more of the same here. Supes is realizing Cobb isn’t who he said he was, and Cobb is saying that he’s just there to help and protect Jon. And for some reason, Supes wont just stand there and have a level headed conversation with the guy. He just keeps throwing Cobb back and forth and yelling at him. Which doesn’t really seem like something Superman would actually do in that situation, but hey we’ll go with it. One more part to this sequence - we see Jon being held captive and talked to by someone who has a British accent. 

Monsters attack, again! 

Supes and Cobb’s arguement is interrupted as what looks like a giant crawfish attacking Hamilton County. Supes wraps up Cobb in some metal, knocks him out, grabs Lois, and heads into town to figure out what’s going on. He’s greeted by a group of super beings that I have never seen before. Supes is trying to fight the monsters without killing them, but this super team is killing the monsters. And Supes has some problems with that. He argues back and forth with them, advocating for not taking life when it’s not necessary. But this super team isn’t hearing it. Some shrapnel flies off from the scurmish and cuts Lois’s leg off, so Supes goes to rescue her! 

Some British guy?..

At the end of the issue, we realize that Jon has been watching this all go down as he’s in captivity. And on the very last page, we’re introduced to his captor - Manchester Black.captor: a british chap named Manchester Black. I supposed this is probably a big reveal for longtime DC Comics readers but I started reading heavily in The New 52, so I don’t really have any insights on this one. I do know that Manchester Black was a leader of the super team The Elite, but past that I don’t have much. Cool looking character design, and the story was told well enough.

Sum it up! 

This issue was chock full of face offs - Lois facing off with Farmer Cobb. Superman Facing off with Farmer Cobb. Jonathan facing off with his captor (spoilers there, read the issue!). And overall, it panned out pretty well. Supes did a couple things that seemed a little out of character, but I don’t know how they would have moved the plot forward if he hadn’t done these things. Overall, Tomasi and Gleason have done really fun things with this title since Rebirth started and it’s always one of the first things I read on Wednesday. 

7.5 / 10

Ben DuPey | NCR

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