Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Superman Action Comics #980

Story: Dan Jurgens
Art: Pat Zircher

Hank Henshaw is back!

Hank Henshaw, AKA Cyborg Superman, is back in action and he has a whole new super team to help him take Superman Down. Paired with Mongul, Metal, and .Blanque, Cyborg Superman is ready to cause a whole mess of trouble in Clarks life. Did we get an all out showdown in Action Comics #980? Or was it all a build up for a battle to come? Read on to find out!

***Non-spoilers and recap at the bottom***

Team up time!

We open up with Cyborg Superman and his many minions sort of recapping what's gone in in previous issues leading up to this current issue. This is sort of a gratuitous thing that Dan Jurgens is doing to help keep readers up to speed. The content of these couple of pages is kind of wasted on me because I've been reading the story. But the artwork depicting all of these bad guys in one place is absolutely gorgeous and almost made it worth it.

Jon is NOT a happy camper

Superman and Lois have uprooted their family of three and relocated to downtown Metropolis. I have a feeling the reason they decided to do this is the events of the Superman story arc that is happening right now. But that story isn't quite finished yet, so I can't say for sure. Nonetheless, Jonathan is not super stoked about them moving out of Hamilton County. He has friends there and doesn't want to be uprooted. Superman is explaining to them that they'll be safer there and it's more convenient for Lois and her job at the Daily Planet. Then Supes tells Lois that he needs to go and take care of Blanque and Eradicator. Lois can tell that he's kind of afraid of this team that's forming against him, but all of that goes unsaid and Superman flies off to handle his biniss.

Watchtower and Batman Time!

It's not surprising that the first place that Supes heads to try and track down Metallo and Eradicator is The Watchtower. It is a bit surprising that it's Batman hanging out at the Watchtower and not Cyborg. Seriously, I think the Watchtower is Cyborgs mancave. Bats tells Superman that there's an energy signature that's unique to Eradicator coming from Belle Reve Prison and Supes goes on about how he's not the biggest fan of the Suicide Squad. The two talk a little back and forth about the Suicide Squad then Supes decides to head on over and take care of Eradicator.

Over at Belle Reve

Eradicator and Cyborg Superman are trying to break into Belle Reve and get General Zod to join their "I hate Superman" fan club. They're drilling into something called the Black Space Vault, which is a vault that is full of black space and makes whoever is inside of it very disoriented. Eradicator came with Cyborg Superman to keep him teathered to reality and not lose himself to the vault. The two get inside the Vault and Superman shows up.

Tiiiiny showdown

There is a VERY small confrontation between Cyborg Superman and regular Superman. Both of them start to lose themselves to the Black Space Vault and Eradicator grabs Cyborg Superman and takes him away. Meanwhile, Superman is getting visions of his dead mom and dad (which, I don't think Martha is even dead yet...). The final sequence of the issue shows us Superman being totally crowded by zombie versions of his loved one's and it's to be continued next time.

Sum it up! 

This issue was super fun and chock full of creamy villiany goodness. Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Mongul, Blanque. The list goes on. And we even get a little bit of a confrontation between Cyborg Superman and Regular Superman. The artwork is absolutely fantastic and the story is villain heavy and super easy to follow along with. Overall, Action Comics has been one of my top titles since Rebirth started. It hasn't slowed down yet so head out to your comic shop and pick up this issue!


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