Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Teen Titans Annual #1 (Lazarus Contract Conclusion)

Writers: Priest, Benjamin Percy, and Dan Abnett
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Andrew Hennessy
Colors: Adriano Lucas 

Events unfold, as time is yet again molded by mere men. Will our heroes have to face life-changing consequences? 


The Sins of the Father 

We watch as Grant is seduced by H.I.V.E, even though he seems uneasy and unsure, he allows himself to be their play toy. Later on he meets his idol, and he learns why they say to never meet your hero. His idol, Deathstroke, is his crap of a father who he spent his childhood hating. Deathstroke, with his hot temper, gets mad and hits Grant hard enough to knock him out. Fourth times a charm I guess, he’s going to keep going back in time until he’s able to get the moment with his son he’s been wanting.

Too Many Titans 

The little Titans and the big boy Titans are still scrambling to figure out how to stop this madness, leaving poor Wally behind to wallow in his guilt. Beast Boy is the only one with some sense, as he keeps saying they should call the Justice League, but of course all these kids and baby adults want to take care of this mess themselves. They also forgot Aqualad…I’m starting to lose my respect for these tator tots of a hero squad. As the group tries to use the same pattern to run back in time, the Titans run into the younger versions of themselves. That’s when Damian gets the idea of kinda killing young red head Wally West in order to stop Deathstroke from getting a hold of the speed force. Even though Deathstroke stole the speed force from the other Wally West…. Either way it works, and the timeline seems to slip back to normal. This leaves a very pissed off Deathstroke.

Deathstroke attempts to jump back into the speed force, and is followed by his son Jericho. Teen Wally doesn’t feel that it’s right to let them get lost to the force, so he jumps in afterwards, followed by red head Wally. Raven connects to them telepathically so they don’t’ get lost in the speed force. This causes an eruption of emotion in her as she feels the fear that Wally did. It’s almost paralyzing. In the end everyone gets out of the speed force, Deathstroke ‘quits,’ and Damian fires Wally West from the Teen Titans. Whew, okay that ended on quite a dramatic note.

Did I Miss Something?

Seriously Barry Allen…that’s your voicemail?? “I’ll get back to you in a flash”?!?! Wow, way to stay conspicuous. I’m seriously wondering if Priest doesn’t like any other superhero other than Deathstroke. I feel this way, because he seems to write the others almost cruel-like. Honestly, they were unlikeable at time. I don’t know how collaborations work, but in this case I think it just got too messy. I know comics get some leeway when it comes to scientific basis, but there were some moments in this issue, where it’s like okay you just pulled that conclusion out of nowhere. It made the book lose its substance. Like no one is going to confront Damien about killing Wally, really?? This crossover has been a pretty big disappointment since it first started. The only thing I can really see coming out of it is Deathstroke’s new team, and Wally West's heart problems.

 Sum it Up 

A lot of game changers have been put into motion, and will probably effect these three titles for quite a while. The actual story that got us to this point was a let down, and makes me wonder if Priest even likes any superhero other than Deathstroke. The book flowed fine, had good art, and decent dialogue, but the heart was missing. Members of teams seemed distant, and at times, cruel, making for an unpleasant read. I don’t know what the writer’s intentions were, but I’m not to thrilled about what I got out of this cross-over event.


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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