Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Justice League of America #6

Story: Steve Orlando
Art: Andy MacDonald
Color: Hi-Fi

Can I get a good Justice League book? Please???

In heart of a Bastich Part Two, we further explore The JLA and their battle between a militia that’s using magic weapons to keep people trapped in a town. At least I think that’s what’s going on. There is so much happening in this book and none of it flows cohesively, so it’s really difficult to get a grip on the actual events of the story at times. 


All filler, no killer

We start off with the Atom facing off with the leader of this militia, who is currently talking down to Atom about how the just shot down Lobo. It was so difficult for me to pay attention to what he was saying because, in my head, I was screaming at Atom to shrink down a subdue this loud mouth non-powered guy. I seriously have no idea why Atom isn’t shrinking down right now. But anyway, the rest of the team is outside fighting  militia members in a super busy splash page of artwork that I just cant get behind. 

Lobo’s not dead

Ray shows up to Lobo’s body and Lobo tells Ray that he’s been poisoned. The only way for Lobo to heal is for Ray to cut out his heart so that he can grow back a new, clean one. All of this is said in super cheesy dialogue that I just can’t picture anybody actually saying. In the end, the team takes care of the militia. And we move on to the “heart to heart” conversations that we end this book with. 

Let’s talk it out, bruh

Lobo and Ryan are back at The Sanctuary hanging out and talking. Lobo tells Ryan about how he goes where he wants and does what he wants and, apparently he likes dolphins. Because dolphins have a purity to him and have never judged him. Then Lobo tells Ryan that Ryan is a dolphin, and that’s all right. Then we get a scene of Canary walking in on Killer Frost doing some research. Killer Frost tells Canary that Ryan found something at the museum that could actually be a cure to her sickness.

Sum it up! 

This issue couldn’t end fast enough for me. I tried so hard with it, I really did. But the dialogue is so cheesy and bad. The events are disjointed and non-cohesive. I can normally find solace with artwork if an issue is written badly, but I even had problems trying to do that on this one. The artist is talented, but this issue just had too much flash and not enough actual content to back it up. 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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