Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Justice League of America # 7

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Jamal Campbell

As Ryan and Frost attempt to find a cure, their scientific exam is cut short by two big nastys. Will just the two of them be able to stand their ground? Will Frost be able to keep her killing instincts at bay?


Split Up, Gang

Ryan and Frost are at a museum examining an ancient old baby boy, who appears to have had the same abilities as Frost. This discovery leads to a hopeful attempt at trying to find a cure for Frost’s sickness. Suddenly two beast jump in and begin attacking the duo. Frost is able to ‘persuade’ the real culprit, Terrorsmith, to release the two beast back into their human forms. Disappointment occurs as Frost comes to the realization that there may never be a cure.

Girl Talk

We learn that Frost may have some feelings for Ryan, but for his sake, and his life, she is going to have to keep away. Despite this, Canary urges Frost to take a chance. It’s nice to see some more realistic dynamics between the JLA members begin to form. Meanwhile, always the pest, Amanda Waller is cooking something up with Terror itself.

So Much Better

Yes, soooo much better. This is the first time I felt invested in a JLA comic. Splitting up and hyper focusing on certain members of the JLA was a great next step for Orlando. It gives the reader a chance to build a relationship with these characters. We weren’t able to do so before, because so much was happening, and happening fast. Now it has slowed down and focused more on character development. I’m actually excited to continue reading now.

Sum it Up!

Things have slowed down, and for the first time I’m really into a JLA issue. We get to dive deeper into the individual members and begin to care about them, apart from just as a team. The more simplistic art was a nice transition from the very busy first arc we read. A great place to jump on. I’m finally excited for JLA!


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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