Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trinity #9

Story & Art: Francis Manapul  

Dead Space 

The story so far… Following being trapped in a dream world where they witnessed each other’s childhoods, the Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are piecing together clues from their visions, attempting to determine what was real and wasn’t. 


There Must Be Some Kind of Way Outta Here 

The Black Mercy is a plant that creates a dream of a person's perfect life by tapping into the pleasure centers of a person's brain. White Mercy is the daughter of Mongul and Poison Ivy, and can manipulate the dreams of the Black Mercy.  The Trinity are in a cave, discussing her and their recent time in the dream world when a Boom Tube opens.  The heroes suit up and take off, not noticing the small girl in the back of the cave who whispers, “I – I am real.”  Is this White Mercy, alive and well?!? 

There's Too Much Confusion 

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman boom tube to the Watchtower, which is in a state of disrepair and confusion.  The artificial gravity is out, and the Watchtower appears to be infected by an alien virus.  The trio finds Cyborg near death, and the Green Lanterns Simon and Jessica infected by the strange virus.  During a battle with the Lanterns, the hull of the Watchtower was breeched, the vacuum of space sucking Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman into the blackness of outer space.  Luckily, Batman is quickly rescued by the Flash, who has been vibrating for hours to keep the virus from latching on to him as well. 

All Along the Watchtower 

Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman, able to hold their breath and withstand the vacuum of space, find an entrance to an alien headquarters and are now face to face with a strange new creature whose informs them the Watchtower and all living beings on board have been lost to a virus which will soon spread to Earth below. The only solution:  complete and total eradication! 

Next: Quarantine 

Sum it up! 

Trinity has had some ups and down throughout Rebirth, mostly due to inconsistent storylines from issue to issue.  Luckily, with issue 9, we start a new storyline that looks promising and is a good jumping on point for new readers.  I am apprehensive about what comes next, as I feel aliens looking to eradicate Earth is a plot trope used WAY too often in Rebirth books like Trinity and Justice League.  It’s just an overused trope and I hoped for something a little more.  The art is stylistic and probably the best thing about Trinity right now, I am especially fond of how Francis Manapul draws Wonder Woman.  I think having him both the writer and the artist works in the books favor, giving the story and art an overall cohesive look and feel. 

Score: 7/10 

Noah O’Toole | NCR

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