Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trinity Annual

Story: Rob Williams

Art: Guillem March

Tied Together

The Trinity Annual finally picks up where Trinity #7 left off.  The Unholy Trinity of Lex Luthor, Circe, and Ra’s Al Ghul discover the evil Pandora Pits and seek to destroy the Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman to fulfil an ancient prophecy.


Lex is Out

We discover that shortly after the events of Trinity #7, Lex Luthor abandoned his place in the Unholy Trinity, leaving an opening beside Circe and Ra’s.  Meanwhile, Jason Blood has found himself mysteriously summoned to the Pandora Pits.  He spots a disturbing mural depicting the Trinity being devoured by demons and sends a magical warning to the heroes. 

Etrigan is In

Jason Blood is attacked by the League of Assassins standing guard over the Pandora Pits. “Gone! Gone, o’ form of man …” Jason says, “… and rise the Demon Etrigan!” With that rhyming verse Jason transforms into the ancient demon warrior Etrigan and lays waste to the League of Assassins.  Circe invites Etrigan to join their Unholy Trinity, but he refuses and is instead injured when Ra’s attacks.  When the blood of Etrigan touches the Pandora Pits, all Hell, literally, breaks loose as Jason Blood is finally separated from Etrigan thanks to dark magic of the pits.  Now free to wreak havoc unhindered, Etrigan attacks Greece but quickly finds himself locked in a battle with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

The Ties That Bind

The Trinity convince Jason Blood to become one with Etrigan, and with the power of fate tying the Trinity together, they bind Etrigan and return him to his dual form with Jason.  Circe, Ra’s, and the Pandora Pits retreat.  Circe adds yet another layer to the fate that weaves the lives of the Trinity with the Unholy Trinity – the Dark Trinity!  That’s right, the story ends with Bizarro, Artemis, and Red Hood standing before Circe and Ra’s.  A trinity of trinities!  This is not the end…

Sum it up!

I’ve been waiting for the continuation of Trinity #7, and finally the Annual delivers on that story.  Throw Etrigan into mix, along with a surprise appearance by yet another DC Trinity, and you’ve got an exciting, fast-paced book from start to finish.  And God help me, but I love Guillem March and every impractical, anatomy-defying panel he draws.  I just hope I don’t have to wait another couple of months for the conclusion of this awesome story!

 score 9/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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