Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wonder Woman #22 Godwatch: Part 4

Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Mirka Andolfo


Previously in Wonder Woman: Veronica Cale’s daughter Izzy’s soul has been kidnapped by the twin sons of Ares.  The only way to rescue her is to open a gate to Themyscira and free Ares in the process.  

The Bait

I want to start by saying I loved the draped neck Grecian inspired gown Diana wore to the Amnesty Trust fundraiser auction in Vegas, but I was surprised the dual split skit was okay with Greg Rucka after the infamous battle with Frank Cho over the variant cover of Wonder Woman #3.  In fact, it makes Rucka seem hypocritical when it comes to sexism and criticism of sexism.  But all that notwithstanding, it’s been over 8 ½ years since Diana left Themyscira, and as we would expect, she seems to spend her rare free-time raising money for charity.  The fundraiser draws a lot of bidders, but in the end even Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are outbid to the tune of $15 million by none other than Veronica Cale.

The Date

After meeting face-to-face for the first time chronologically, Diana and Veronica, knowing their respective busy schedules would never permit either of them time, decide to have their “date” now.  After changing into jeans and t-shirt, which was nice to see Wonder Woman wearing, and after dismissing Col. Maru and her security detail, they head to a burger joint.  Wonder Woman is aware of Veronica’s philanthropic efforts to fight human trafficking as well as her anger at the authorities for not doing more.  After eating, Veronica hails a cab and takes her and Diana outside the city.  It doesn’t take long for Wonder Woman to realize Veronica is taking her to a rendezvous with the aforementioned human traffickers.

The Switch

As Wonder Woman battles the human traffickers with her magic lasso, Veronica uses her phone to connect with Dr. Cyber, who analyses the lassos energy resonance, determining it emits a “godwave” energy that might help them determine the interdimensional location of Themyscira and save Veronica’s daughter Izzy.  The next day, as Dr. Cyber and Veronica Cale continue to evaluate their intel, Wonder Woman is hovering right outside the window, and in her hands she holds the crushed tracking device she gave to Barbara Ann Minerva, who is now the Cheetah.  Diana admits she may not know what Veronica wanted from her in Vegas, but does knows she is responsible for Barbara’s transformation to the Cheetah, and Wonder Woman has her eye on Veronica Cale…

Next: “The Truth: Finale” (in two weeks), & “Godwatch: Finale” (on 6/14)

The Verdict

With only two issues left on Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman: Rebirth, I expected more answers to the mystery behind Diana’s memories, but instead was given more plot exposition. However, it was still a very enjoyable book.  As a decades long Wonder Woman fan, I was not impressed when Rucka created Veronica Cale back in 2003’s “Wonder Woman #196”.  At the time, she felt like female port of Lex Luthor to function as a Wonder Woman villain.  Now, as we approach the finales, the care and development Rucka put into establishing Veronica as less of a Luthor clone and more her own character is one of the most compelling reasons to read Wonder Woman. It looks like the next two issues will determine if all this was worth the wait.  

7 out of 10

Noah O’Toole | NCR

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