Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wonder Woman Annual

Story: Greg Rucka and many more!
Art: Nicola Scott and many more!

A fun collection of 4 short stories, the most notable being the first, which sees the return of Nicola Scott on art, and shows us the first time Wonder Woman meets Superman and Batman.


Four WONDER-ful Tales About Diana

The Wonder Woman Annual consists of 4 short stories by different writers and artists. The first story, entitled “And Then There Were Three” is perhaps the stand out story with drop-dead gorgeous art by Nicola Scott. It’s a throwback tale that shows us the first time Diana meets Superman and Batman. The second story touches on morality issues with Wonder Woman protecting King Shark from being unfairly executed, and the third shows the meaning of “honor” set among the cherry blossoms in
Japan. The final story demonstrates Wonder Woman’s compassion and is notable that she doesn’t use her sword, only her lasso, reminding me of the pre-New 52 Diana (and is perhaps my personal favorite story of the group).

Sum it up!

Wonder Woman Annual is fun collection of 4 short stories. The only one that directly fits into the current story arc is the first one, and it gives us some backstory on when Diana met the rest of the Trinity. Nichola Scott returning to the art, even if just for one story, was refreshing and reminded me of the fun Greg Rucka captured in some of Wonder Woman’s earlier issues.

score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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