Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Action Comics # 981

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencil/Inks: Jack Herbert
Colors: Hi-Fi 

The Black Vault is slowly unraveling Superman's mind, but will the long term consequences have a dire effect?


We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Trapped in the Black Vault, Superman's worse fears come to a zombified life. His heart breaks as he sees all those who he let down, and all those he could still let down. Before total emergence into insanity, Superman is finally freed from his own personal Hell. But things only get worse as in his freedom he learns that Cyborg-Superman and the Eradicator have freed General Zod. 

The General 

All Zod wants is to free his people from the Phantom Zone, and claim Earth as the new Krypton. That's not asking too much is it? Cy-Supes persuades Zod to take some time and consider ending Superman for good, before going after the Phantom Zone. As Amanda Waller learned the hard way, Zod isn't easily ordered around, but the promise of a dead Superman is enough to peek his interest. So a fight ensues. The world watches on helplessly as Superman gets his butt kicked. well their not all helpless; Lex, Supergirl, and Kenan watch their friend fall and from the looks of it, they are getting ready to have his back. 

Worse Fears

Superman sees a quick get away, and knows he can't win against all three of them, so he flees the scene. With his super hearing, he finds his wife and son. But this reunion is a sad one, because Superman has lost something in the Black Vault...his sight. What will happen with this new threat here, and with Earth's greatest hero now blind? 

Sum It Up 

This story is picking up heat quickly. Some of Superman's worst foes are out and on a stampede of vengeance. Superman is suffocating in his own guilt, and loses more than he ever has before. Jurgens is doing a fantastic job in giving each character enough space to really highlight their motives and their qualities. If you've ever thought to yourself that Superman was a flat character, this book will change that idea pretty quick. 


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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